2013 Articulation Recordings


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N/A Articulation & CATEMA Overview Rebecca Robinson-Francis


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AP Computer Science 2 or IB Computer Science 1 or Computer Science 1 or Advanced Computer Programming ITSE 2321 – Object Oriented Programming Richard Baldwin Request Access
Business Information Management 1 or Principles of Technology ITSC 1309 – Integrated Software Applications Rudy Martinez Request Access
Web Technologies or Web Mastering ITSE 1401 – Web Design Tools Rudy Martinez Request Access
Web Technologies or Computer Programming ITSE 1411 – Beginning Web Page Programming Rudy Martinez Request Access
Internetworking Technologies 1 or Internetworking Technologies 2 or Telecommunications Networking ITNW 1325 – Fundamentals of Networking Technologies Alexey Petrenko Request Access

Virtual Business

ITNW 1337 – Introduction to the Internet James Web Request Access
Computer Maintenance ITSC 1425 – Personal Computer Hardware James Web Request Access



Please email Rebecca Francis at with any concerns your may have or call Rebecca at 512-223-7013.