Professional Development

Workshops and events

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Workshop Course Num Department Instructor Place on Recording

Digital Imaging (Photoshop), Vector Graphics (Illustrator), and Digital Publishing (InDesign)

Webinar Recording

ARTC 1402,

GRPH 1359,

ARTC 1413



Donna Pauler, Melinda Barker, and Martha Johnson  

Animation & Gaming

ARTV 1403,

GAME 1303



Mike Stevens & Kalani Streicher

Animation is First

Gaming begins at 1:00:16

You will need to turn up the volume for Gaming.

Biotechnology Workshops Jan, May, June

 TEA Introduction to Biotechnology Project

Business Studies Workshop

HRPO 2301 Human Resource Mgmt Joyce Guillory

1st workshop on recording


BUSG 1303 Principles of Finance Nick Sarantakes Begins at 36:47
BUSG 1304 Personal Finance Nick Sarantakes Begins at 42:00
ACNT 1403 Intro. to Accounting Brian Voss Begins at 1:20
BUSG 1327 Prin. of Management Steven Bradley Begins at 1:55:12
BUSG 2309 Small Business Management Steven Bradley Begins at 2:21:30
CATEMA & ACCTech Site ACCTech Rebecca Robinson-Francis Begins at 56:35