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According to the Administrative Rule 4.06.002, the following represents requirements for the MSTA Program:

  1. There are two types of MSTA appointments: MSTA (Exception) and MSTA. (Only Adjunct Faculty who have taught at the maximum permissible load in the Spring of 1999, or earlier, are eligible for MSTA (Exception). MSTA appointments are renewable one-year appointments.
  2. Adjunct Faculty who meet the qualifications below are eligible for MSTA or MSTA (Exception).
  3. Eligibility Standards – To be eligible for an MSTA, a member of the Adjunct Faculty must have:
    1. received summary teaching evaluations, when last evaluated, of very good or excellent in all categories and have received acceptable evaluations with respect to compliance with administrative procedures.
    2. received HPTH status on at least one course eligibility list.
  4. Selection shall be based upon information gathered through the evaluation process and additional assessments by the Department Chair. Department Chairs may supplement the selection process through direct interviews or other approaches generally used for selection of full-time faculty.
  5. MSTA - Term appointments are for teaching up to a maximum of five courses per appointment.
    MSTA (Exception) are appointed to teach up to the maximum load in accordance with Board Policy D-3(c).
  6. Appointments are renewable as per Administrative Rule 4.06.002.
  7. Department Chairs are required to determine appointments annually.
  8. Adjunct Faculty who hold an MSTA appointment may withdraw from consideration by providing written notification to the Department Chair.
  9. Adjunct Faculty holding an MSTA appointment shall be considered for section assignment before any other adjunct faculty on a relevant eligibility list according to AR 4.06.002.

Updated on 02/17/04