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Adjunct Faculty/Supplemental Pay/Full-Time Overload

Use the Adjunct Faculty/Supplemental Pay/Full-Time Overload form to view all the stipends which you have acquired during your employment, including both past stipends and current stipends. A stipend can be a miscellaneous payment or a form of regular payment for a faculty member. Examples of stipends might be bonuses, miscellaneous wages, or payment for teaching a course.

supplemental pay

For each stipend, you see the start date, description, and amount. The amount shown is not the amount of each payment, but rather the total amount of the stipend.

Some stipends are paid in a specific number of payments. For this type of stipend, you see the number of payments already made as well as the total number of payments.

Other stipends are considered "On-going," meaning that they are not designated to be paid in a set number of payments. For these stipends, the Payments Made column displays "N/A" and the Total Payments column displays "On-going."

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