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Set Employee Options

Supervisors have access to two icons that allow you to check user IDs and reset working hours. These icons appear beside employees' names under the Employees Tab.

The Lock Icon

Note: You will only see a lock icon next to the names of employees without ACC email addresses. 

Normally, employees use their ACC email username and password to log in. However, if an employee does not have an ACC email account, the ACCeTime system will generate a username and password for that employee.

The supervisor can access this information for employees by clicking on the yellow lock icon next to the employee's name. On the screen that follows, the supervisor can find the employee's username (login) and password to give to the employee.

Employees using a system-generated ID will be prompted to change their password the first time they log in. If employees ever forget their passwords, the supervisor can use the Reset Password button (shown below) to reset the password back to what the system originally generated. 

The Clock Icon

Next to each employee's name, you will see a clock icon. Use this icon to reset normal working hours for your employee.

Work hours are generally evenly distributed over five days. If an employee normally works more than the designated number of hours for a particular day, the supervisor should reset the clock. This allows the employee to use leave time for an accurate number of hours on a given day. 

In the example below, Bart works 5 hours a day over 4 days. When he tried to input 5 hours of sick time on a Monday, the system registered an error because it assumed that he works 4 hours a day over 5 days. His supervisor needs to change his Maximum Daily Work Hours to 5 (instead of 4) to allow him to record the correct amount of leave time.

To adjust an employee's hours, click the clock icon next to the employee's name. You will be taken to a screen that allows you change working hours. Follow these steps:

1. Click the Custom Hours radio button.

2. Set the hours to indicate the maximum number of hours an employee might work on a given day. 

3. Click Set Working Hours to save your changes.

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