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Delegate Approval

Immediate supervisors are responsible for approving eTimesheets for the employees they supervise. However, if supervisors will be absent from work for an extended period of time, they can delegate approval authority to someone else during their absence.

Using the ACCeTime system, supervisors can specify the dates of absence and the person who will be in charge of approval during the absence. The default supervisor is the next level supervisor; however, an alternative person in a supervisory position can be delegated.

Once someone is delegated, all employee timesheets under the absent supervisor will then be the responsibility of the new authority. When the absence period ends, the system returns authority to the original supervisor.

Note: Full-time faculty will have a timesheet for summer except when they are off-contract.

Specify a Period of Absence

1. Click the Delegation tab to begin.

2. Click Add Absence/delegation period as shown below.

3. Type in the dates of absence. For faculty members, these will be the dates that you are off-contract.

4. Click Save Absence Settings to save these dates.

Delegate Approval Privileges

After saving absence settings, you will be taken to the selections screen where you will delegate approval authority to someone for each timesheet due during your absence.

The system will automatically select the next level supervisor as the default supervisor: 

  • To accept the default supervisor to handle approvals, click Set Delegate.
  • To select someone else, click Search. Find the person's name and click Select Employee.

The selected person's name will appear under Supervisor Delegate.

Note: You must complete this process for each pay period type that appears. 

Remove or Edit Absences/Delegations

At any time, you can edit your dates of absence or your delegate choices by clicking Edit. To remove an absence completely, use the Remove button as shown below.

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