Paying for the GED

Several Austin organizations can help you pay for your GED. Below we have listed several. Also the Peierls Stipend can pay for your entire test if you meet the Peierls Stipend requirements. Please contact our counselors if you have questions.

Peierls Stipend

Stipend Recipient Requirements

  • Applicant must have a minimum score of 450 on at least 3 of the Official GED Practice Tests.
  • The applicant must complete a minimum of fifty (50) hours of instruction in the program and  maintain a 75% attendance rate until completion of all five GED exams or the stipend will be withdrawn. 
  • Student must be recommended by ACC Adult Education Instructor
  • Applicant must present a photo ID to confirm eligibility.
  • The total stipend amount may not exceed the cost of one complete battery of five tests, processing fees, and certificate.   Retest fees are at the expense of the applicant.

To Apply for the Stipend:

Using the Stipend:

  • GED test stipends are for use at the Austin Community College Testing Center only, located at the ACC Highland Business Center.
  • Applicants who are awarded a stipend have two weeks to use each voucher from the date of pick up.  After two weeks, the voucher will expire and will not be reissued. 
  • Students awarded a stipend have one year to complete GED testing or the stipend will expire.
  • Applicants awarded a stipend must take at least 1 GED test within the first month on stipend and at least 3 GED tests within the first 6 months on stipend or the stipend will be withdrawn