Liberal Arts Institute

Become a Liberal Arts Scholar

The Liberal Arts Institute at Austin Community College combines many of the best educational resources the college offers.

The institute’s predefined course selection gives you a great start on a path toward an education in any liberal arts field. You’ll collaborate and progress alongside students with similar academic interests. You’ll also meet liberal arts professionals and develop strong relationships with institute faculty.

The experiences and program elements are proven to increase student success.

Who can enroll in the ACC Liberal Arts Institute?

  • All students who have been accepted to ACC and have met the minimum college readiness standards as measured by the TSI Reading and Writing scores are eligible to enroll in the Institute.
  • Enrollment in the Institute is on a space-available basis. Once the allotted seats are full for each block, no further request for enrollment will be accepted.
  • Enrolled students must acknowledge the ACC Liberal Arts Institute Scholar Responsibilities before being registered in the block of their choosing.
  • Institute staff will enroll all scholars in their block courses for the entire academic year.
  • All ACC policies and deadlines for payment of tuition and fees per semester apply to Institute scholars.

What to Expect in the Liberal Arts Institute

Block Scheduling

Institute classes are scheduled together in morning, afternoon, and evening blocks. You’ll choose one of the blocks below and be guaranteed the same schedule each semester.

  • Block A: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
  • Block B: 1:30 – 4:30 p.m.
  • Block C: 6 – 9 p.m.

Learning Community

  • Work with other institute scholars for collaboration and academic and career goal exploration.
  • Meet professionals and industry partners to learn how the liberal arts will prepare you for a successful career in many sectors.

Course Curriculum

  • Explore various viewpoints and have discussions around a selected topic within all their courses.
  • Develop a critical inquiry project you’ll present during a Liberal Arts Institute Scholar Symposium at the end of the program.
  • Use cutting-edge technology to discover, process, and use the most unbiased information resources available.

Faculty Mentors

  • Develop strong relationships with institute faculty, meeting with faculty in various ways to support scholar success.
  • Institute faculty will meet together regularly to identify additional support and resources for scholars.

Honors Program

  • Connect  with current ACC Honors Program students and faculty to prepare for future participation in the Honors experience.

St. Edwards University

  • Meet with St. Edwards University Honors Program to explore transfer paths to four-year universities and beyond.
  • Be invited to various special events at St. Edwards University.

Classes held at Highland Campus

The fall 2018 Liberal Arts Institute will meet for classes at the Highland Campus. Institute courses will be completed in the sequence below.

Fall SemesterEDUC 1300Effective Learning: Strategies for College Success
 HIST 1301United States History I
 ENGL 1301English Composition I
 SOCI 1301
Introduction to Sociology
 Spring SemesterENGL 1302
English Composition II
 GOVT 2305
United States Government
 HIST 1302
United States History II
 PHIL 2306
 Summer SemesterMATH 1332
College Mathematics (or approved alternative)
 SPCH 1311
Introduction to Speech

Enrollment Steps

Complete the following steps to enroll in the Liberal Arts Institute. Note: Admission to the college does not guarantee admission to an ACC institute.

  1. Complete the ACC Application.
  2. Complete the online Liberal Arts Institute Interest Form.
  3. Receive notification of your acceptance.
  4. Register for classes with institute assistance
  5. Meet with your advisor at least once a month to review progress.