Arts, Digital Media & Communications

Arts, Digital Media & Communications

Arts, Digital Media & Communications

Power Your Creativity with a Digital-Age Education

Whether your creative calling involves designing, communicating, performing or producing, Austin Community College’s Arts, Digital Media, and Communications area of study offers more than a dozen program areas to channel your talents into a rewarding career. Choose from more than 45 credential options or pick up transferable credits in a wide range of fields. ACC is here to help you refine your craft and find your voice in the discipline that speaks to you.


Credit Programs

  • Art

    The classes offered in ACC's Art Program provide learning opportunities for both new and experienced artists. Students become proficient in a wide range of materials and methods, refine their craft in fully equipped studios, and gain exposure to art history, ceramics, drawing, digital art, 2D and 3D design, photography, printmaking, and sculpture.

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  • Business, Government, and Technical Communications

    Technical communicators work alongside scientists, engineers, and government officials to help make complex ideas accessible to everyone. Students develop professional writing techniques and build expertise in interpreting administrative rules. This program also offers a degree in social media communication.

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  • Communication Studies

    Expert communicators are sought in nearly every industry. This program prepares you to transfer to a four-year college in a wide range of communications and media programs. You’ll learn techniques for effective oral, nonverbal, and written communication. You’ll also develop skills in presenting and debating.

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  • Creative Writing

    You have a passion for creative writing. This program helps you master the skills and techniques you need to take your art to the next level. In addition to learning editing for grammar and syntax, you’ll study story structure, idea generation, writing for tone and audience, and the effective use of literary devices.

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  • Dance

    Dance expresses ideas and emotions that no words can. ACC’s Dance Program offers a wide range of performance experiences for dance majors and beginning dancers alike. You’ll gain an understanding of dance history, appreciation, and cultural impact. Training is available in ballet, jazz, modern dance, improvisation, and choreography.

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  • Drama

    Take the stage or go behind the scenes! ACC’s Drama Program gives you the opportunity explore every part of the theatrical craft and to work with theater professionals in college productions. You’ll prepare to transfer to a theater program at a four-year college, with training in voice, movement, auditioning, stage craft, arts administration, and more.

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  • Game Development, Animation, and Motion Graphics

    This program is all about training students for the local and national job market in game development, animation, and motion graphics. The degree and certificate paths are designed and taught by the area’s top digital industry professionals. You’ll learn to create and animate 2D and 3D characters, compose and animate designed video elements, build immersive worlds, and design interactive games.

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  • Jewelry

    Learn to preserve cherished heirlooms or create new treasures with training in the craft of jewelry. This program provides hands-on instruction in jewelry design, fabrication, casting, and repair. Our faculty has decades of experience in every corner of the jewelry market and will teach you skills that serve as a foundation for success.

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  • Journalism

    Digital media and the 24-hour news cycle has created an unparalleled appetite for news. ACC’s Journalism Program helps you establish essential journalistic skills in writing, reporting, public speaking, and photography. Upon completion, you’ll be prepared for a transfer to a four-year college or entry-level employment in this exciting field.

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  • Music

    A trained musician has the power to entertain and inspire. This program offers a blend of music fundamentals and private instrument or vocal instruction that will prepare you for a transfer to a bachelor’s degree or conservatory music program. You’ll also learn the finer points of music theory, music appreciation, and cultural impact.

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  • Music Business, Performance and Technology

    Start a path to success in the music business. Jobs in this exciting field begin with training in the business, technical, and legal aspects of the music industry. This program gives you access to state-of-the-art recording studios, a highly-respected music industry internship program, and faculty and guest lecturers with years of professional experience.

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  • Professional Photography

    Highly skilled photographers are in demand now more than ever. As a student of ACC’s national award-winning Professional Photography Program, you’ll use the latest digital technology as you master traditional composition techniques in a wide range of photography styles. You’ll also learn essential business concepts for making a living as a photographer.

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  • Radio-Television-Film

    ACC’s Radio-Television-Film Program prepares you for a career in creative media with immersive coursework in screen storytelling, creative digital production, and media studies. You’ll get hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art production studio and labs, and learn from faculty made up of experienced industry professionals.

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  • Visual Communication

    As a visual designer, your creativity could influence much of what we see and use every day. ACC’s Visual Communications Program provides instruction in design fundamentals, illustration, color theory, design software, user experience design, and more. You can prepare for a career in a wide range of promising design fields.

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Continuing Education Programs

  • Continuing Education
    No continuing education courses available.

Flexible Options

Concordia Connect 3+1

Co-enrollment program allows you to earn a tech degree and bachelor's degree for less money.

Distance Learning

Convenient online classes anywhere an internet connection is available.

Weekend College

Guaranteed Friday, Saturday, and online classes to complete your degree or certificate.

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