Sociology seeks to answer questions about why people think and act the way they do through the study of structural and cultural patterns and social dynamics. As a student of sociology, you will learn how to gather and interpret information—in itself, a set of very marketable skills—and to detect social forces that other people often take for granted. The Sociology Program at Austin Community College has a strong emphasis on social justice. Choosing sociology as your major helps you build foundational skills for navigating the social world and prepares you to transfer to a four-year college.

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  • Study human society and social behavior by examining the groups and social institutions that people form, as well as various social, religious, political, and business organizations. May study the behavior and interaction of groups, trace their origin and growth, and analyze the influence of group activities on individual members.

    Hourly Wage: $22.94

    Currently Employed: 34


    34 people are employed as Sociologists. This number is expected to increase by 8.82% over the next four years.

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  • Teach courses in sociology. Includes both teachers primarily engaged in teaching and those who do a combination of teaching and research.

    Hourly Wage: $26.16

    Currently Employed: 13126


    13126 people are employed as Sociology Teachers, Postsecondary. This number is expected to increase by 7.56% over the next four years.

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  • Assist social scientists in laboratory, survey, and other social science research. May help prepare findings for publication and assist in laboratory analysis, quality control, or data management.

    Hourly Wage: $21.89

    Currently Employed: 201


    201 people are employed as Social Science Research Assistants. This number is expected to increase by 10.45% over the next four years.

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