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American Sign Language-Interpreter Training

American Sign Language interpreters are responsible for conveying information, as well as the meaning and intention between signed and spoken English. Training in this program prepares you to take the state certification exam, which will qualify you to work as an interpreter in educational, medical, legal, governmental, and religious venues.

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  • Interpreters and Translators

    Interpret oral or sign language, or translate written text from one language into another.

    Hourly Wage: $25.05

    Currently Employed: 652


    652 people are employed as Interpreters and Translators. This number is expected to increase by 13.65% over the next four years.

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Awards in This Program

Associate of Applied Science

  • American Sign Language-Interpreter Training

Certificate Level 1

  • ASL- Interpreter Training American Sign Language Studies

Certificate Level 2

  • American Sign Language- Interpreter Training

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