Academic & Career Programs

Academic & Career Programs

A Roadmap for College Success

Austin Community College offers 10 areas of study, making it simple to plan and follow an academic path to your career success. Over 100 programs in these 10 areas lead to college credentials that include technical certificates, two-year associate degrees, and advanced technical awards.

Find the Program for You

High School Programs

Pick up college credits or career skills while you’re in high school. There are great options for both college-bound and career-bound students.

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Why Choose ACC

exceptional outcomes - 95% Average licensure and exam pass rates for career and technical programs
Academic advantage - Co-enrollment Partnerships with Texas’ top universities
small classes - Instructor-to-student ratio provides more focus on your learning

Learning Experiences

Enhance your academic experience at ACC with coursework and hands-on learning opportunities to challenge you in non-traditional class settings.

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Engaging Coursework & Discussions

Experience a challenging and creative learning environment with small, seminar-like classes featuring special projects, guest speakers, cultural events, and field trips. Specific eligibility requirements apply.

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Real-world Work Experience

Get experience relevant to your major while completing your ACC degree or certificate. ACC will help match you with employers to work on special projects, assist with daily tasks, or provide support to companies and organizations in your field. You may earn academic credit, pay, or in some instances, both, for the work you provide.

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See the World While You Study

Travel, learn, and earn college credit with ACC! Add a global perspective to your education and resume as you explore countries and cultures around the world through our faculty-led study abroad programs.

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Meaningful Connections

Get engaged with your community, develop professional skills, earn academic credit, and connect with your future career field by applying what you learn in the classroom to help real organizations meet their goals through community service.


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