About ACCNet Services

Who Is ACCNet?

ACCNet includes the areas of Networking, Telecommunications, and Microcomputer Support.   We assist ACC faculty and staff with the majority of their computer, networking and telecommunications needs and problems.  ACCNet also administers and maintains the computer networks that connect our computers to each other and to the Internet, the telephones and telephone lines.  We are located in the Service Center at 9101 Tuscany Way, Austin, TX 78754.

Telecommunications Services

Telecommunications Services is responsible for maintaining the Northern Telecom PBXs (Public Branch Exchange). They are also responsible for the adding, moving, and changing of telephones as well as making additions to and maintaining the telephone and computer cable infrastructure at all ACC campuses.  They take care of their own billing through the IntegraTRAK call accounting system.  For more information on ACCNet's Telecommunications Department, please refer to their web page at http://www.austincc.edu/telecom.

Microcomputer Support

If your computer keyboard malfunctions or your hard drive crashes or you need to have a new PC set up with software, chances are the helpdesk will send a Microcomputer Support Technician to take care of you.   Microcomputer Support Technicians install software, upgrade computers, troubleshoot computer hardware problems, and are able to offer limited software support.  If you need to have a Microcomputer Support Technician take a look at your computer, please call the Help Desk at 223-4357 or fill out the service request trouble report form at: