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Fifth Year Accounting Student Scholarship (Fifth Year)

Program Purpose

To promote the professional and educational needs of the state; increase the number of highly trained and educated professional accountants available to serve the residents of this state; improve the state's business environment and encourage economic development and financial stability; and identify, recognize and support outstanding scholars who plan to pursue careers in accounting.

Who can apply?

  • are classified as residents of Texas;
  • Are enrolled at participating public or private, non-profit colleges and universities in Texas (including junior/community colleges);
  • Are enrolled at least half-time;
  • Will have completed at least 120 hours of college course work (including at least 15 semester credit hours of accounting) at the beginning of the term in which the award is being made;
  • Are making satisfactory academic progress;
  • Have not already taken the CPA exam, but plan to take the CPA examination in the State of Texas and are willing to sign a written statement confirming the intent to take the written examination conducted by the Texas State Board of Public Accounting for the purpose of being granted a certificate of "Certified Public Accountant;"
  • Register for the Selective Service or be exempt from this requirement, and
  • Demonstrate financial need.

Where may the awards be used?

The award may be used at participating public and private, non-profit colleges and universities in Texas, including junior/community colleges.

How much can be awarded?

Individuals may receive a scholarship for up to $5,000.

How large is the program?

In 2006-2007, the number of awards granted to students was 293.

How can I apply?

Obtain an application from the Dean or Department of Accounting or College Financial Aid Office. Applications are processed through the financial aid office of your institution, although a representative of the School of Accounting or Dean of the Academic Department for Accounting must approve the selection of recipients.

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