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POFT 1070 Administrative Assistant Series - 140 hours - includes courses listed below

Course Description: Study of current office procedures, duties, and responsibilities applicable to an office environment. The series includes instruction in word processing, spreadsheet, databases, presentation software, Internet searching, as well as data entry, practical business applications, business math and business communications. Prerequisites: Familiarity with PC. Required book: E-Z Business Math, Calvin Goozner, Thomas P. Walsh, ISBN-10: 0764142593, ISBN-13: 978-0764142598.USB drive recommended.

The program is a series of several continuing education classes. Students can register for the entire series only. If you are interested in computer applications classes visit our website for Computer Applications courses.

Administrative Assistant Series includes:

Windows and File Management

Course Description: Learn how to find missing files, delete, copy and move files, work with the recycle bin, organize, maintain and troubleshoot your hard disk, add and remove items from your start button, work with the start-up group, create desktop icons and other shortcuts to your favorite programs and documents. Learn how to best organize your computer's file system. Create, delete, and rename folders. Learn the ins and outs of file extensions. Prerequisites: None.


Course Description: Introduction to the computer keyboard. Topics include the home keys, alphabetic keys, symbol keys, body position, and various keyboarding techniques. Emphasis is placed on learning touch-typing. Prerequisites: None.

Word Introduction

Course Description: Introduction to word processing terminology, editing functions, formatting, and special text options. Create, edit, and print documents such as letters or reports using Microsoft Word. The course covers text, paragraph, and page formatting, spell checking, copying, pasting, and printing. Prerequisites: Familiarity with the PC.

Word Intermediate

Course Description: A study of production techniques including search and replace functions, headers and footers, spelling checker, mail merge, file functions, and printer set-up. Enhance your word processing skills by expanding your knowledge of formatting techniques, table creation, file management, using Find, Replace, and Go To, AutoCorrect, AutoText, mail merge, envelopes, labels, text boxes, graphics and OLE. Prerequisites: Word Introduction or equivalent experience.

Business Math

Course Description: Instruction in analytical and problem-solving skills for business applications. Includes typical business scenarios and case studies for “real life” experience for the students. Prerequisites: High school or equivalent instruction in basic arithmetic – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Required Book: E-Z Business Math, Calvin Goozner, Thomas P. Walsh, ISBN-10: 0764142593, ISBN-13: 978-0764142598 .

Excel Introduction

Course Description: Instruction in terminology, program parameters, display characteristics, formatting features, mathematical functions, and printing. Using Microsoft Excel, create formulas and functions, gain skills to build, manage, save, retrieve, format, and print worksheets and charts. Prerequisites: Familiarity with PC.

Excel Intermediate

Course Description: Topics include enhancing worksheets, advanced formatting techniques, advanced functions, database management, customizing charts, drawing pictures, linking. Instructions in moving and copying, cell contents; sorting mathematical, statistical, and financial functions; date and time arithmetic; report generation; and built-in graphics support. Prerequisites: Excel Introduction or equivalent experience.

Access Introduction

Course Description: An introduction to database concepts including: Program parameters, data dictionary, optional field characteristics, calculations, constant default values, data entry form design, database organization, and report generation. Learn how to design and complete a working database system using Microsoft Access. Covers basics of tables, queries, forms, and reports. Prerequisites: Familiarity with the PC.

PowerPoint Introduction

Course Description: ntroduction to computerized presentation graphics that leads the participant through planning, design, and production of business graphics and charts. Presentation files are produced utilizing multimedia software. Learn how to create a business presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. Includes creating an initial outline, slides, formatting and proofing text, utilizing objects, animation, printing a presentation, and creating and running a slide show. Prerequisites: Familiarity with PC.


Course Description: Introduction to the Internet including E-mail, World Wide Web (WWW), and how to perform basic research to address company/business needs. Topics include accessing and navigating the Internet, covering concepts, terms, tools, and services such as Internet Service provider (ISP’s), newsgroups, and chat rooms. Learn how to browse and search the Internet successfully using popular browsers and search tools. Prerequisites: Familiarity with the PC.

Data Entry

Course Description: An introduction to computers, terms, and concepts including data processing and data storage. Prerequisites: Keyboarding POFT 1014 or equivalent experience.

Practical Business Applications

Course Description: Instruction in program parameters for component modules including word processing, database, and spreadsheets. Includes formatting, file functions, printing, screen formats, data manipulation, record selection, indexing, sorting, moving, and copying. Includes creating business letters, reports, invoices, and resumes.
Prerequisites: Introduction and Intermediate word processing, spreadsheet and database courses, or equivalent experience.

Business Communications

Course Description: Introduction to a practical application of basic language usage skills with emphasis on fundamentals of writing and editing for business. Also covers telephone techniques, time management, communications skills, dealing with difficult people, ethics, dress code, and interviewing skills.

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