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Subject: Parking Regulations, Permits and Enforcement
Guideline/Procedure for AR#:


Date Effective:   05/18/2005


I.  General Provisions


A.  In accordance with the authority granted by the Texas Education Code, Subchapter E, Section 51.202, ACC has developed regulations to control parking, traffic and use of parking facilities; to provide for the purchase and issuance of parking permits; and to provide for jurisdiction over violations.  Applicable laws of the State of Texas governing and regulating traffic are incorporated herein by reference.  The operation of a motor vehicle on ACC property is a privilege, rather than a right granted by the College to use parking facilities, secure a parking permit, or drive on ACC property.  ACC reserves the right to suspend or revoke this privilege.  All vehicles operated on ACC property must meet legal requirements for operation on any street or roadway in the State of Texas.


B.  Regulation and enforcement of parking will be consistent college-wide as set forth by ACC Parking Rules and Regulations.  These regulations will set forth specific rules governing student and employee parking privileges and specific sanctions and fines for violation of those rules by employees, students or the public.


C.  The Campus Police Department shall enforce these regulations.


D.  All parking on ACC campuses is by permit only, unless otherwise noted in the Parking Rules and Regulations. 


E.  Each driver on ACC property is responsible for knowing and following the laws and College regulations.  The fact that a violation notice is not issued when a violation occurs does not imply that the regulation or law is not in effect.  Enforcement of ACC Parking Rules and Regulations is based on the premise that any parking or traffic control device, sign, signal or marking that was in place at any location on the campus at the time a citation is issued, is official and has been installed by proper College authority and thereby constitutes direct evidence. 


F.  The College assumes no responsibility for any vehicle or its content while the vehicle is parked or operated on College property.


G.  Suggestions for improvement to these regulations should be forwarded, in writing, to any Campus Manager’s Office or the Provost's office. All suggestions will be considered and, if approved by the Campus Police Task Force, submitted to the Administrative Services Council for approval.


II.  Definitions


For the purposes of these parking and traffic regulations, the below listed terms shall mean:


A.  Abandoned Vehicle - is a motor vehicle, bicycle or other conveyance parked on ACC property for more than five (5) days without being moved.


B.  ACC - means Austin Community College.


C.  Campus - all property owned or controlled by Austin Community College.


D.  College - Austin Community College.


E.  Parking for Disabled Persons - spaces or areas reserved for any disabled individual who has obtained the appropriate (Placard) hang tag or license plate from the County Tax Assessor’s Office.


F.  Habitual Violator - any person receiving three (3) or more citations, one of which may be a warning notice, within one (1) academic year.


G.  Impound - towing, storage and/or holding of a vehicle.


H.  Marked Parking Space - space defined by two (2) parallel lines or where otherwise designated.


I.  Motor Vehicles - all automobiles, buses, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, motor-scooters, motorbikes and mopeds.


J.  Moving Violations - moving traffic law violations as defined by the State of Texas.


K.  No Parking Zones - all areas not specifically designated for parking, to include yellow curbs, fire lanes, construction or loading zones, service delivery and bus zones.


L.  Parking Permit - a temporary card or permit, hang tag or self adhering decal issued by ACC authorizing the motor vehicle properly displaying the permit to be lawfully parked within designated areas.  The purchase and display of the permit serves as proper registration.


M.  Reserved Parking - spaces or areas identified by signs and/or pavement markings that are enforced during campus operating hours, unless otherwise noted.


N.  Restricted Parking - areas reserved for use by holders of designated permits.


O.  Revoke - removing an individual’s privilege to drive or park on ACC property.


P.  Suspend/Suspension - temporarily interrupting an individual’s privilege to drive or park on ACC property for up to one (1) year.


Q.  Visitors - are persons other than students, faculty members, staff members, approved vendors, or employees of ACC.


R.  Violation Notice - a form giving a warning, and giving notice to a person, that an administrative or criminal charge has been filed, requiring payment of a fine, or summoning the individual to court.


S.  Warning Notice - a citation giving notice to a person that a parking or traffic regulation has been violated.  A warning notice does not result in a fine.


III.  Parking Permit Rules and Regulations


      A.  Registration of Vehicles for Permits


1.   All vehicles parked in a campus parking lot at any time must properly display a valid parking permit except in the case of special events in which prior arrangements have been made with Campus administration and notice has been given to Campus Police.


2.   Vehicle owners and operators may obtain a parking permit from any Campus Police Office, other designated campus locations, or campus sites.


3.   During the registration process, students are prompted to purchase a parking permit via the web or telephone registration system.  Permits purchased during the registration process can be picked up at any Campus Police Office, other designated campus locations, or campus sites.


4.   Parking permits not purchased during the registration process may be paid for at any campus Cashier’s Office.  The permit may then be obtained at any Campus Police Office or designated location upon presentation of the paid parking fee receipt.


5.      Faculty and staff may purchase a parking permit at any campus Cashier’s Office or request a “Parking Permit Payroll Deduction Form” at any Campus Police Office.  This form is located on-line (“Inside ACC” employee-access-only site) at:


The faculty/staff permit can be picked up at any Campus Police Office, or designated location(s), upon presentation of the paid receipt or Parking Permit Payroll Deduction form.


6.   Parking Permits are valid for one academic year, beginning with the Fall Semester.  An ACC employee or student may only purchase one (1) parking permit per academic year.  A parking permit may cover multiple vehicles (one at a time) if all vehicles are registered to the same individual or spouse and all license plates are recorded on the permit application and submitted to Campus Police.


7.   Parking forms and regulations can be obtained at any Campus Police Office or on the web at:    


      B.  Permit Regulations


1.   A parking permit is no guarantee of a parking space. Each driver is responsible for finding a legal parking space.  Lack of space is no excuse for violating any parking regulation.


2.   A parking permit will not be issued to any person (faculty, staff, or student) having unpaid violation charges or other outstanding ACC balances (e.g.; library fines, tuition, parking fines, etc.) until full payment is made to the Cashier's Office.  Cashier’s Office staff will check for outstanding balance holds prior to issuance of a permit receipt.


3.   A parking permit may not be purchased for or displayed by an individual ineligible to receive the permit.  The College will suspend the parking privileges for a period of one year of individuals who violate this regulation.  Once an individual’s parking privileges have been suspended, any attempts to park vehicles on ACC property during the suspension period will result in impound of the individual’s vehicle.


      C.  Types of Parking Permits


1.   Student Permits - Any student registered at ACC is eligible to purchase a student parking permit.  Work-Study students can purchase only student permits.


2.   Faculty/Staff Permits - All faculty (full time and adjunct) and staffing-table employees are eligible for faculty/staff permits.  Hourly employees or work study students are eligible for student parking permits only.


3.   Temporary Permits - Temporary permits are designed to handle temporary employees, consultants, contractors, vendors, some Continuing Education students and instructors.  Temporary permits may be obtained to allow parking in designated student parking areas on a short-term basis. Students enrolled in courses of less than 4 weeks, or fewer than 30 hours of instruction are exempt from the parking permit fee, but must obtain a temporary permit.  All temporary permits will display an expiration date and time.  Any tampering with a temporary permit will be subject to citation and/or revocation of the temporary permit.


4.   Visitor Permits - Visitors must obtain permits at any Campus Police Office or Campus Manager’s office, or be required to sign a visitors’ log in the Campus Police Office.  Faculty, staff and students are prohibited from parking in spaces reserved for visitors and will be cited.  A visitor permit is good for the date and/or time designated on the permit and allows the operator to park in any visitor or student parking space. 


5.   Other Permits - WorkSource Permits: All WorkSource employees are eligible to purchase ACC student permits.  At Eastview Campus, WorkSource Center employees should park in the designated WorkSource parking area.


      D.  Parking for Persons with a Disability


All operators with a disability must obtain and properly display a valid ACC parking permit in addition to their valid disabled placard.  ACC will follow the State law regarding parking for persons with a disability.  Students, faculty and staff who have qualified and obtained a disabled license plate or placard from the County Tax Assessor’s Office will be issued a regular parking permit.  Operators with a disability may park in any non-reserved space provided their vehicle displays a valid disabled license plate issued by the State of Texas or their disabled placard is properly displayed in their vehicle and clearly visible from the outside.


      E.  Permit Fee


      See current Course Schedule for fee schedule.


*NOTE:  There are no refunds for hang tags unless the student withdraws and qualifies for a full tuition refund. 


      F.  Student Permit Fee Refund


The Student Accounting office may remove parking permit fee charges under the following situations:


1.  The student had all of their classes canceled,


2.  The student was dropped for non-payment,


3.  The student dropped their classes prior to the start of the term.


4.      All parking fees billed, but not paid, will be removed from the student’s account at end of the summer semester.


When enrollment has occurred and a refund is being requested, the student must complete a parking refund request form at any Campus Police office.


IV.  Enforcement


      A.  Policy and Procedures


1.  All laws of the State of Texas, ordinances of the applicable municipality, and rules and regulations of ACC, are in effect on the campuses 24 hours a day and will be enforced by ACC Police.


2.  Campus speed limits are ten (10) miles per hour unless otherwise posted.


B.  Types of Citations


1.   The Campus Police Department may issue three types of citations for violations of parking and traffic regulations.


a)   ACC Citation  - a violation notice subject to a fine in accordance with the fine schedule noted in Section IV.B.4 below.


b)   ACC Warning - a citation giving notice to a person that a parking or traffic regulation has been violated.  A warning notice does not result in a fine.  An ACC warning contains the following language:


“This warning is being issued because you are in violation of one or more of ACC’s parking regulations. Any subsequent violation will result in a citation and fine.”


c)   Court Appearance Citation - a summons to appear in either Municipal Court or a Justice of the Peace Court.


2.   ACC Police Warning Statement - ACC Police Officers have the discretion to issue warning notices.


3.   Any Police Officer may, within their appropriate jurisdiction, issue a citation for any violation of State law or City ordinance.


4.   College violation notices described in these regulations will result in charges being assessed in accordance with the following schedule:


No Parking Permit Displayed:  $5.00


Parking in Fire Zones, blocking or impeding entrances or exits:  $10.00. 

(Violation notices will be issued in cases where traffic can be rerouted or vehicle operators can be immediately located to move their vehicle.  In all other cases the vehicle may be impounded and ticketed.)


Moving Violations - $10.00


All Other Violations - $5.00


Parking in Spaces Reserved for Persons with Disabilities - $50.00


5.   The above fine rate is set by the College for administrative violations.  Administrative violations also include traffic laws if cited as such.  However, citations issued for municipal court or justice of the peace courts will result in fines as decreed by the courts.


6.   Multiple violations can be noted on the same Violation Notice.  Charges will be assessed for each violation.


7.   College Administrative Violation Notice Payments


a)   Payments must be made within twelve (12) days of the date the Notice was issued.


b)   Payment methods are as follows:


1)      Mail copy of Violation Notice with check, cashier’s check or money order to the Cashier’s Office at the ACC Service Center, 9101 Tuscany Way, Austin, TX 78754; or


2)      Take payment with copy of Violation Notice to Cashier’s Office at the ACC Service Center or any ACC Campus Cashier’s office.


c)   Payments not made within twelve (12) days will result in a hold being placed against registration, transcript requests or refunds.   Lack of payment may also result in suspension of parking privileges.


8.   When a person is charged with a violation of any provision of these regulations, proof that the vehicle was, on the date of the offense, bearing a valid college parking permit is direct evidence that the holder of the permit or owner received the Violation Notice and committed the violation.


9.   If the student has the same family name or home address as the registered owner of a vehicle for which a Violation Notice has been issued, the Violation Notice and accompanying violation charges will be recorded in the student’s name.


10. Unpaid charges for parking violations are recorded in either:


a)   The name of the person who previously purchased a parking permit,


b)   The name of the purchaser of the permit displayed,


c)   The name of the person who has previously paid violation charges on the vehicle, or


d)   The name of the owner or driver.


C.  Parking Violations


      1.   Parking in a No-Parking Zone


a)   Parked where prohibited by signs, painted curbs or lines.


b)   Parked where there exists no marked space except for temporary area(s) created by the Campus Police for emergencies or exigent circumstances.


c)   Parked on grass, grounds, lawn, turf or any unapproved ground which has not been specifically designated parking.


d)   Parked in a fire zone.


e)   Parked in a bus zone.


2.   Parking in a Reserved Space or Area


a)   Parked illegally within a designated reserved space and/or area.


b)   Parked illegally within any barricaded or controlled space and/or area.


c)   Parked illegally in a reserved space and/or area not authorized by the type of permit displayed.


d)   Parked in a designated time space or loading zone beyond allotted time or without proper permit.


            3.   Blocking Drive, Sidewalk or Exit


a)   Parked in a manner that obstructs or impairs proper usage of sidewalks, driveways, streets, ramps, loading docks, marked crosswalks or disabled access.


b)   Parked in a manner as to prevent, impair or obstruct other vehicles from entering or exiting parking lots, parking spaces or access streets entering and exiting the campus.


      4.   Parallel Parking on Two-Way Streets and Roadways


a)   Parked in a manner that obstructs two-way flow of traffic on any street or roadway on campus.


b)   Failure to park with right hand wheels within 18 inches of the curb.


      5.   Failure to Park within the Boundaries of a Marked Space


a)   Failure of one (1) vehicle to park within the marked boundaries is

not implied consent for others to park with any part of the vehicle

over the line or outside the marked boundary.


      6.   Double Parked


a)   Stopping, standing or parking a vehicle on the roadway side of any vehicle parked at the edge or cube of a street or parking lot.


7.   No parking permit displayed.


8.   Improper display of a parking permit.


9.   Parked in Spaces Reserved for Persons with Disabilities


a)   Parked in a marked Disabled Person space without properly displaying a disabled license plate or placard (hang tag) issued by the County Tax Assessor.


b)   Violation Notices will be dismissed when operator produces valid disabled placard or license plate receipts reflecting disabled status.

V.  Penalties and Sanctions 

A.  In addition to fees for parking or traffic violations, parking privileges may be suspended for a period up to one (1) year for habitual violators, or the vehicles of habitual violators may be impounded without notice at the expense of the vehicle owner.  Suspension of parking privileges may also occur for any violation carrying suspension as a specific penalty.  Appeals of suspensions of parking privileges will be decided by the Parking Appeals Committee after reviewing recommendations from the Campus Police Department.

 B.   An individual who has unpaid violation charges shall be denied enrollment to ACC courses until charges are paid.

 C.  Official transcripts and refunds shall also be withheld for any individual who has unpaid violation charges.

         D. Appeals of Violation Notices or Impounds


1.   A Parking Appeals Committee, consisting of representatives from faculty, staff and students appointed to the Campus Police Task Force, is available to help assure fairness in the issuance of parking citations and vehicle impounds. This committee is charged with the responsibility to determine if the violation or impound was issued or performed in accordance with the established parking and traffic rules and regulations. The findings of this committee are final.


2.   A person who receives a Violation Notice or whose vehicle has been impounded may request an appeal.  The appeal form can be obtained from and filed with any Campus Police Office.


3.   All requests for appeals must be written on the prescribed form and filed no later than ten (10) days from the issuance date of the Violation Notice or date of impound. The Violation Notice or a copy of the notice must be attached to the appeal form.  A person who fails to file the request within this time period waives the right to appeal.


4.   The Parking Appeals Committee may summon the officer who issued the Violation Notice or performed the vehicle impound if he/she is available to assist the committee.


5.      All appeals will be heard within 30 days.


6.      Appeals must be filed with the Parking Appeals Committee within ten (10) days of the date of Violation Notice issuance.


VI.  Bicycle, Motorcycle, Motor Scooter and Moped Parking Regulations


In accordance with Texas State law, operators of bicycles, motorcycles, motor scooters and mopeds shall be granted all the rights and shall be subject to all the laws and duties applicable to the driver of a motor vehicle while on any ACC campus.


A.  Parking of bicycles is restricted to designated areas or bicycle racks.


B.     Parking of motorcycles, motor scooters or mopeds is restricted to areas or spaces marked or designated for these type vehicles.


C.     Any of these vehicles found parked illegally and creating a potential safety hazard may be impounded or cited.




President/Vice President:   Stephen B. Kinslow Date:  08/31/2005