Administrative Rules

Subject: Administrative Implementation of Board Policy and Board Delegated Areas AR# 3.03.011
Based on Board Policy: C-3, Duties and Responsibilities, College President
Recommended by Council/President: Administrative Services Council
Date Approved/Amended: 10/8/1999; amended 11/19/03


The College President and Administration shall issue on a college-wide basis, whenever necessary, Administrative Rules and Guidelines/Procedures to clarify and implement Board Policy and to provide administrative direction in areas delegated by the Board.  All areas not specifically covered by Board Policy or a governing statute are delegated areas.  No Administrative Rule or Guideline/Procedure shall be in conflict with Board Policy. 


Administrative Rule - a written statement developed through a shared governance process to provide administrative direction to the College.

 Guidelines/Procedures - address college-wide processes to implement Board Policy or an Administrative Rule.

 Council a representative group identified in the shared governance model that addresses college-wide issues in a designated area of the College.

 Administrative Rules

The President shall approve all Administrative Rules, which shall be developed through a shared governance process.  Other than the provisions of Board Policy, Administrative Rules shall provide the highest level of administrative direction to the College.  All Administrative Rules shall reference the related Board Policy, as appropriate.  Administrative Rules shall be made available through electronic form. 


To implement either Administrative Rules or Board Policy, the Administration may issue Guidelines/Procedures.  These must be issued or approved either by the President or by the Executive Vice President.  All Guidelines/Procedures shall reference the related Administrative Rule and shall be made available through electronic form. 

Review Process 

Administrative Rules and related Guidelines/Procedures and forms shall be reviewed every three years or sooner if needed, by the principle department of responsibility.  Revision, reaffirmation, or rescission of Rules and Guidelines/Procedures is outlined in the corresponding Guidelines/Procedures, Development, Approval, and Dissemination of Administrative Rules and Guidelines/Procedures.


Interim President:   Stephen B. Kinslow Date:   4/5/04