Administrative Rules

Subject: Internal Employee Organizations AR# 3.04.001
Based on Board Policy: C-4, Internal Employee Associations
Recommended by Council/President: College President
Date Approved/Amended: 10/8/1999; amended 11/6/00


The internal employee associations are based on the College's personnel classification system and association memberships open to all employees in the relevant category at no cost.  The associations include the Full-Time Faculty Senate, Adjunct Faculty Association, Association of Professional-Technical Employees and the Austin Community College Classified Employees Association.


The administration encourages internal employee associations to actively participate with the administration in the development of Board Policies, Administrative Rules and Procedures, and to advise and consult with the administration on actions that would have a substantial effect on their members.


Democratic Governance


1.      The bylaws of employee associations shall provide for association governance by democratic principles.


2.      Under democratic principles, the association president or chief officer of an employee organization shall have been elected by the association members through an at-large election open to all employees in the relevant category.  To be eligible to participate in an employee organization election and to hold office within an employee organization, an individual must be a current employee of Austin Community College.


3.      In cases of vacancy in the chief leadership position of an internal employee organization, succession into such a position must be by an individual who was elected by the association members at large through an election open to all relevant employees.  In the case of a vacancy in the chief leadership position where no such individual in the line of succession was elected by a vote of the association at large, the association must hold a general election open to all members within 30 days of such a vacancy.


4.      The College President shall be provided an up to date set of bylaws and be notified of any bylaw changes within 10 days of any changes in bylaws.

5.      The College President shall be provided a complete list of officers from an internal employee organization following an election under the bylaws of an internal employee organization.


Meetings with Administration


6.      The ACC President and designees will meet with the association officers regularly to ensure that the officers have an opportunity to discuss matters of concern to the employees.  The association leader should alert the President and administrative leaders of special concerns impacting their members as soon as possible.  A special meeting should be sought, if necessary.




7.      In view of the amount of time and work required to manage the work of the associations, the College will provide a stipend or release time to the officers of the associations. 


8.      The regular budget of the association for the subsequent fiscal year should be discussed with the President during the budget development process, generally January through March.  To support the business of the association, each association will receive a budget of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) per academic year to be used for mailings, social events, plaques, etc.  The funds may not be used for personal gifts, flowers or donations of any kind.  


President:   Richard W. Fonté Date:   11/6/00