Administrative Rules

Subject: Research Proposals Made by Individuals AR# 3.06.001
Based on Board Policy: C-6, College-Community Linkages
Approved by Council/President: Academic and Campus Affairs Council
Date Approved/Amended: 2/25/98; amended 10/06/06

Value Statement 

Austin Community College values the acquisition of knowledge through research activities and will consider support of research activities which can be beneficial to the College.

Administrative Rule


The Research Review Committee will evaluate requests to use Austin Community College students and/or data for research purposes. This committee is chaired by the Associate Vice President of Effectiveness & Accountability and will report to the Academic and Campus Affairs Council.

From time to time, ACC receives requests from researchers to use the College as a basis for their research projects. While these researchers may or may not be persons associated with the College, the research projects they propose are not part of the day-to-day operation of the College. The data to be used may involve ACC students, employees, or organizations.

Although these activities may complement ACC’s need for self-analysis, it is important to have a structured process to evaluate each request and determine if the proposed project:


  1. Establish criteria for reviewing proposals to use ACC data and/or students for research studies
  2. Review all proposals as they are submitted
  3. Recommend ACC's participation in the study
  4. Approve a coordinator who will serve as the College's liaison with the researcher
  5. Establish expectations and guidelines for research activities at the College
  6. Establish signed agreements with researchers to provide assurances that the project will meet legal and ethical requirements
  7. Monitor research projects as they are being completed


President:   Stephen B. Kinslow Date:   01/18/07