Administrative Rules


Assessment Requirement for Developmental Education:  Reading and Writing (Placement and Continuous Remediation)

AR# 4.04.006
Based on Board Policy:

D-4, Assessment, Placement, & Developmental Courses

Approved by Council/President:   Academic and Campus Affairs Council
Date Approved/Amended:   07/31/2000; amended 02/01/01, 04/23/04, 06/16/06, 10/01/10


Value Statement 

Austin Community College District is committed to the success of all students and will offer appropriate placement of students and, when necessary, remediation and support for those students not college ready.

Administrative Rule 

Students who are deficient in reading and/or writing will be placed in developmental education for reading and/or writing and remain in continuous remediation until they demonstrate college-level readiness in the area(s) of deficiency. 

Students can demonstrate college-level readiness in any of the following ways:  


         Upon entering ACC, a student must present state approved assessment test scores or proof of exemption, completion or waiver from TSI requirements.

         For Reading, passing a Texas Success Initiative (TSI) state-approved test in reading.

         For Writing, passing a TSI state-approved test in writing.

         Earning a grade of "C" or better in the exit-level developmental course for the skill/s required.

         The exit-level courses for reading, writing, and ESOL are the following: 


For Reading, a "C" or better in (DEVR 0320) College Reading Strategies or Advanced Reading and Vocabulary Skills (ESOL 0364). 

For Writing, a "C" or better in Writing Skills II (DEVW 0330) or Writing Skills II Special Option:  Grammar and Usage; or Advanced Writing and Grammar (ESOL 0384).


President/CEO:   Stephen B. Kinslow Date:  04/15/11