Administrative Rules

SUBJECT:   Sabbatical Leave AR# 4.05.001
Based on Board Policy: D-5, Sabbatical Leave
Recommended by Council/President: Academic and Campus Affairs Council
Date Approved/Amended: 04/06/1987; amended 01/07/99, 04/17/00, 07/24/00, 4/23/04, 10/05/07, 02/05/10


Value Statement

Austin Community College District values the benefits that sabbatical leave may provide the College and its employees. 

Administrative Rule 

Sabbatical leave is a privilege that is intended to clearly benefit both the college and the employee.  Subject to availability of funds, the President may grant this leave to staffing table employees.  Leave may be granted for the purpose of personal and/or professional improvement, which will clearly benefit the College (through activities such as formal or informal study and acquisition of new skills or keeping abreast of new technologies, research, and community service). 

A.     Purposes for Which Sabbatical Leave May be Granted 

1.  A planned program of courses or relevant activity beyond the scope of an applicant's job description and which relates to the professional growth of the applicant and benefit Austin Community College. 

2.  Independent study, research, and/or writing which relates to the present or newly- assigned service of applicant, which therefore will benefit Austin Community College. 

3.  Community service projects, which will contribute to the professional growth of the applicant and will benefit Austin Community College. 

4.  Fellowships, grants, lectureships, faculty/staff exchange, or field experience, which will materially increase the proficiency of the applicant in her or his area of responsibility or will benefit Austin Community College.  

B.     Number of Sabbatical Leaves Granted 

The number of sabbatical leaves granted to staffing table employees each year for each employee category shall conform to Board Policy D-5 which says that no more than 2% of any employee group may be on sabbatical at any time. 

C.     Eligibility and Selection 

The eligibility of sabbatical leaves granted to staffing table employees shall conform to Board Policy D-5.  Criteria for selection and implantation are outlined in the accompanying Procedures and Guidelines

D.    Implementation and Coordination 

1.  The Professional Development Committee through the Professional Development Office will recommend implementation procedures to the Academic and Campus Affairs Council. 

2.  The Professional Development Office is responsible for coordinating the Sabbatical process.


President/CEO:   Stephen B. Kinslow Date:  05/24/10