Administrative Rules

Subject:   Use of College Facilities AR# 5.02.001
Based on Board Policy: E-2, Provision of College Facilities
Approved by Council/President: Administrative Services Council
Date Approved/Amended: 7/10/1996

Values inherent in the use of College facilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Requests for use of College facilities will be directed to the appropriate facility administrator or designee.  Internal and external groups utilizing College facilities will be provided written guidelines regarding the conditions of use at the time approval is given via Request for Use of College Facilities form.

Fees for facility use by external groups may be waived or reduced by approval of the appropriate facility administrator when the external group’s activity is made available to students, faculty and staff on a free or reduced-cost basis.

All conditions noted on the Request for Use of College Facilities form must be enforced unless the appropriate Vice President approves exceptions. See Addendum A.

All organizations using College facilities assume the liability for any occurrences on College property.

Internal (College) Groups and Organizations

When space is available, and the meeting date(s)/time(s) are within regular operating hours of the facility, no charge will be made. 

Political Organizations

Requests for the use of College facilities from political groups should be made through the County Chairman of the political organization involved. Independent political groups are required to pay fees in advance.

Performance Space

Requests for facilities which involve performance by arts-related groups require completion of "Performances - Memorandum of Agreement" form. See Addendum B.

Religious Organizations

College facilities may be made available to religious organizations for a temporary period of time for regular worship services. The religious organization must have acquired property and be in the process of planning or building a physical plant for its use. The period of temporary use will not exceed one year unless special approval is secured from the Board of Trustees.

Prohibited Uses of College Facilities

College facilities may not be used by an organization commonly recognized as promoting and advocating theories and doctrines intended to undermine or overthrow the constituted government of the United State of America.

College facilities may not be used for an activity which may be deemed a nuisance by people living nearby.

College facilities may not be used for any unlawful activity. Revenue-generating activities shall be limited to organizations known to have strong educational or community service programs.

College facilities will not be available for commercial purposes. No activity or program can be approved which has as its purpose, profit or gains to the organization concerned.


Administrative Procedure - Use of Austin Community College Facilities

Form - Request for Use of College Facilities

Addendum B - Performances-Memorandum of Agreement

Addendum C - Schedule of Rental Charges for Use of ACC Facilities


President:   Hosni Nabi Date:   7/10/96