Subject:    Educational Incentive Award
Guideline/Procedure for AR#: 6.09.006
Date Effective: 04/15/10



These guidelines provide the procedures for non-faculty employees to receive an Educational Recognition Award in accordance with Administrative Rule 6.09.006. 


1.       The employee is responsible for submitting the Non-Faculty Educational Recognition Award Application to the Office of Human Resources, HR Records.  The employee must submit documentation certifying completion of a degree or certificate in a program related to the job responsibilities.  Documentation includes a transcript with the degree and graduation date noted on the transcript. 

2.       HR Records is responsible for processing the employee’s stipend in accordance with the Administrative Rule. 

3.       If the employee does not qualify, HR Records is responsible for notifying the employee regarding ineligibility.


1.       The employee must submit the form and documentation to HR Records.  The degree must be received during the period of employment at ACC and requested before the end of the twelve (12) month period after receipt of the degree or certificate is completed. 

2.       The employee will receive a one-time stipend upon submission of the documentation to HR Records and the stipend will be effective on the subsequent pay period. 

3.       HR Records will approve the documentation, process the employee’s stipend, and notify the employee of the effective date.  

4.       If the employee is not eligible or has not submitted the required documentation, HR Records will notify the employee of the deficiencies.  If the employee disagrees with the findings, the employee may appeal to the Vice President of Human Resources. 

5.       Part-time staffing table employees shall receive a pro-rated stipend, based on their percent of employment at the effective date of the increase. 

6.       If an employee is on performance probation, the employee is not eligible for the Educational Incentive Award until the employee has been removed from probation.


President/CEO:   Stephen B. Kinslow Date:  06/21/10