Administrative Rules

Subject: Accrued Leave AR# 6.09.009
Based on Board Policy: F-9, Employee Benefits
Recommended by Council/President: Administrative Services Council
Date Approved/Amended: 02/04/1998; amended 08/21/00, 07/15/10

Value Statement 

The Austin Community College District (“ACC” or “the College”) provides accrued leave for employees to attend to illnesses, injuries, and family needs, as well as to take time off to be away from work. 

Administrative Rule 

Annual Leave:

1.       Full-time administrative, professional-technical, and classified employees with less than five years of continuous employment with the College accrue 10 hours of annual leave per month (15 days a year).  

2.       Part-time administrative, professional-technical and classified employees accrue a proportionate amount of annual leave.   

3.       Upon the 5th anniversary of employment with the College, administrative, professional-technical, and classified employees accrue annual leave at the rate of 13.4 hours per month (20 days a year).   

4.       The maximum number of hours which employees may accrue is 240 hours (30 working days).  When an employee has accrued the maximum of 240 hours of annual leave, no additional leave can be accrued.   

5.       If an employee changes positions from an accrual status to a non-accrual status, the amount of annual leave accrued will be frozen until the employee returns to a status which accrues leave or separates from the College.   

6.       Upon separation from the College, a non-faculty employee is eligible to receive payment for all accrued annual leave.  In the event of the death of an employee, payment for all unused annual leave will be made to the beneficiaries or the estate of the employee upon receipt of the appropriate documents. 

7.       All annual leave must be approved in advance by the supervisor.

Sick Leave: 

1.       Staffing table employees may accrue a maximum of 1200 hours of sick leave.  Full-time staffing table employees accrue 8 hours of sick leave per month.  Part-time staffing table employees accrue hours proportional to their hours of employment.  

2.       Employees may use accrued sick leave for personal illness, illness in the immediate family (spouse, child, parent, or sibling) or illness of an individual permanently residing in the employee’s home.   

3.       Employees are not eligible to use sick leave while in a leave without pay status or if using other incidental leave.  Abuse of sick leave shall constitute grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including possible dismissal.  Employees must contact their immediate supervisor no later than one hour after the scheduled start time or as soon as reasonably possible to request sick leave. 

4.       If the illness requires the use of sick leave for more than three (3) consecutive working days, the employee must file FMLA paperwork to secure the employee’s position.  FMLA paperwork must be filed if the illness is for the employee, spouse, child or parent.  To return to work, the employee must submit a supporting physician’s statement that the employee is fit for duty.  

5.       Only sick leave accrued while employed with the College shall apply.   

6.       If an employee becomes ill during the day while at work and is sent home by the supervisor, the employee will use the employee’s available sick leave and be paid for the full work day.  

7.       Upon separation from the College, employees will be paid at 50% for any sick leave hours accrued over 960 hours.  Payment for unused sick leave will be calculated at the employee’s current rate of pay.


President/CEO:   Stephen B. Kinslow Date: 07/29/10