Subject:    Sick Leave Pool
Guideline/Procedure for AR#: 6.09.010
Date Effective: 07/15/2010

I.        Sick Leave Pool Usage 

          A.  Eligibility 

1.       The employee must be a full-time or part-time staffing table employee.  

2.       Appropriate documentation from a licensed treating health care professional must be submitted. 

3.       The reason for the requested hours must comply with the criteria for receiving hours from the Sick Leave Pool.  

          B.  Procedures

The purpose of the Sick Leave Pool is to alleviate hardship caused to an employee, an employee’s immediate family or an individual residing in the employee’s home, if catastrophic illness or injury forces the employee to exhaust all earned leave.  

1.     An employee may complete the Request for Sick Leave Pool Hours form and submit it to the Office of Human Resources, Benefits Section, prior to exhausting all accrued leave.  The employee must exhaust all earned leave before being eligible for leave from the Sick Leave Pool. 

2.     All requests for sick leave pool time due to catastrophic illness or injury of the employee or qualified family member must be accompanied by a physician's statement which states the beginning date of the condition, a description of the illness or injury, a prognosis for recovery, and the anticipated date the employee will be able to return to work. 

3.     If the time being requested for use is to care for a qualified family member or an individual residing in the employee’s residence for whom the employee is the primary caregiver, the request must also include the relationship, where the family member resides, and a physician's statement giving details of the illness or injury and a statement concerning to what extent the family member or individual resident is totally dependent on the employee on a continuing basis.

4.     The maximum hours that can be granted is the lesser of 480 hours or one-third of the hours in the Sick Leave Pool (by law). 

5.     The Office of Human Resources, Benefits Section, shall send to the Sick Leave Pool Committee the employee’s request for review and a recommendation.  

6.     The Vice President of Human Resources shall review the recommendation and make a final determination.  Requests shall be considered on a first come, first served basis.  

7.     The Office of Human Resources, Benefits Section, shall notify the employee and supervisor of the decision.  

8.     Any unused balance of the Sick Leave Pool hours granted to the employee returns to the pool. 

9.     Employees may not receive Sick Leave Pool hours while receiving any other compensation or compensation for lost wages.  

10.   The estate of a deceased employee is not entitled to payments for unused hours granted to the employee from the Sick Leave Pool. 

11.   The Office of Human Resources, Benefits Section, shall ensure that the employee’s approved time is counted in the College’s time reporting system. 

12.   The immediate supervisor shall ensure that an eligible employee is advised of the program. 

13.   The immediate supervisor shall ensure that, upon approval, the employee’s time is accurately reported.  

II.      Sick Leave Pool Donations 

1.     Staffing Table employees may contribute not less than 8 hours and no more than 24 hours to the Sick Leave Pool each fiscal year.  

2.     Donations will be accepted during open enrollment periods annually or at other times set by the Office of Human Resources. 

3.     Terminating employees may donate all of their sick leave hours to the Sick Leave Pool.  

4.     Once sick leave has been donated to the Sick Leave Pool, it cannot be restored to the individual.  

5.     Employees may not designate a particular employee to receive their donated time.  

6.     Contribution to the Sick Leave Pool is not a prerequisite for applying for pool leave, and employees who use leave from the pool are not required to pay it back.

III.     Sick Leave Pool Committee 

There are three persons on the Sick Leave Pool Committee.  The employee associations for Classified, Professional-Technical and Full-Time Faculty employees are responsible for assigning a representative to the Committee each year.         

      The responsibilities of the Sick Leave Pool Committee are to:  

        1.     Review employee requests; 

2.     Explore the reasons for the request and secure any additional information needed to make an informal recommendation; 

3.     Make a recommendation to the Vice President, Human Resources.  

IV.      Confidentiality 

  All information regarding the Sick Leave Pool Request and donations shall be treated as confidential information in accordance with HIPAA and other applicable laws.


President/CEO:   Stephen B. Kinslow Date:  08/04/10