Administrative Rules

Subject: Purchasing AR# 7.02.001
Based on Board Policy: G-2, Purchasing
Recommended by Council/President: Administrative Services Council
Date Approved/Amended: 08/10/1998; amended 07/20/05


Value Statement


The College seeks to procure materials and services in a timely manner and at best value.  The College also seeks to provide opportunities for individual vendors, contractors, historically underutilized businesses and small local vendors to compete for College purchases and contracts in a fair and competitive environment. 


Administrative Rule


As a public institution, the College is governed by the laws and regulations that pertain to purchasing in higher education as established by the State and the Board of Trustees.  Materials and/or services must be obtained in a manner that follows established procedures.  Individual(s) making unauthorized purchases will be deemed to have entered into a private transaction with the vendor involved and will be personally responsible for paying for the transaction. 

There are civil and criminal consequences for ACC employees who knowingly avoid the competitive bidding requirements prescribed under State law.  ACC personnel who attempt to abuse the purchasing process may be subject to disciplinary or legal action, and/or personal liability.  No purchase contracts shall be binding on the College until a written contract or purchase order is entered into by the College and administered by the Purchasing Department. 



The responsibility and authority for procurement of materials and services is vested in the Purchasing Department, except in those instances where the authority for limited purchases has been previously delegated. 

The goal of the Purchasing Department is to support the academic, administrative, and operational activities of the College by maximizing value and providing convenience to end users while complying with State laws and Board of Trustees policies.

Purchasing is charged with the responsibility of offering a wide range of services that are tailored to the individual needs of the customers.  Complete detailed purchasing procedures can be found in the Purchasing Customer Handbook and on the Purchasing Department website.


President/CEO:    Stephen B. Kinslow Date:     08/31/05