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Administrative Rules

Subject: Contractors: Consultant Services, Professional Services & Honoraria AR# 7.02.002
Based on Board Policy: G-2, Purchasing
Approved by Council/President: Administrative services Council
Date Approved/Amended: 4/17/78, amended 2/2/87, 9/9/91, 3/27/00


Consultant Services

Persons or firms that perform a task(s) for which they have special expertise or background, which results in a finished product or written evaluation. 


Professional Services

Provided by individuals or firms with highly specialized technical skills which the District does not have available through internal personnel sources.  Professional services are those generally provided by architects, attorneys, and auditors. 



Provided to individuals or groups who conduct work that directly supports the District's instructional programs.  These funds would generally be available for guest lecturers, guest speakers, and/or artistic performances.


  Individuals, groups, or firms providing services to the District under these above categories cannot begin work before a written agreement is fully executed.  Consultant services and professional services require advance approval, in writing, by an Executive Vice President or the President.  Honoraria require advance approval, in writing, by the appropriate Executive Vice President.  Advance approval by the President, is necessary for consulting engagements estimated to exceed $5,000 in any fiscal year.  Employees of the District cannot be engaged as contractors. 

Grant contractors shall not be paid at a higher rate than College contractors with similar assignments. Grant guidelines may require rates to be less than the College approved rate. 

A report detailing consultant engagements shall be submitted to the Board of Trustees by the President on an annual basis as required by Board Policy G-2.



President: Richard W. Fonté Date: 3/27/2000