Administrative Rules

Subject: Tuition and Fee Schedule AR# 7.07.001
Based on Board Policy: G-7, Tuition and Fee Rates
Recommended by Council/President: Academic and Campus Affairs Council
Date Approved/Amended: 06/3/1985; amended 04/04/88, 04/21/06

Value Statement

The College will assist students in planning their education by providing easy access to tuition and fee schedules.

Administrative Rule

The tuition and fee schedule in effect for each academic year shall be published in the College Catalog and Course Schedule, as well as on the website and in other official recruiting materials.  The Board of Trustees may change the tuition and fee schedule without notice. 

The legal taxing jurisdiction of the Austin Community College District shall be used in establishing in- and out-of-district residency for tuition.  Residency within these boundaries shall be determined solely on the basis of domicile as defined in the Texas Education Code

In establishing in- and out-of-district residency for tuition, Austin Community College will follow the statutes, pursuant to Title 2 of the Texas Education Code.


President/CEO:   Stephen B. Kinslow Date:   07/29/10