Basic Guidelines for Enema Administration
  1. All enemas require a doctor's order.
  2. Cleansing enemas are usually given until the returns are clear of stool or up to 3 liters of fluid.
  3. Be aware of the osmotic effect an enema solution may have on the colon and interstitial spaces.
  4. The enema container should not be held higher than 18 inches above the client's anus
  5. Do not give an enema to someone who might have a perforated bowel or is at risk for perforation (i.e. appendicitis).
  6. Do not instill unnecessary air into the rectum when the enema fluid is being given.
  7. Wear clean gloves during the procedure.
  8. Be sure that the tip of the enema tubing is lubricated with K-Y jelly.
  9. Insert the enema tubing into the rectum 3-4 inches.
  10. Position client on left lateral side lying position for any enema.
  11. Be sure to chart your results.