RNSG 1140 - Nursing Skills for Articulating Students

Wound Care & Dressing Changes

Module Objectives:

Using critical thinking and the nursing process , the student will:

  1. Apply the facts, principles and concepts related to asepsis and wound care including:
    - Control of infection
    Protection of clients from infection
    - Medical asepsis
    - Surgical asepsis
    - Individuals at risk
    - Invasive procedures
    - Manifestations of infection
    - Opportunistic infections
    - Nosocomial infections

  2. Compare the characteristics of different types of wounds.
    • Surgical
    • Trauma
    • Disease
    • Dehiscence
  3. Identify potential wound complications and related interventions.
    • Infection
    • Gangrene
  4. Describe the types of wound closure & healing
    • First intention
    • Second intention
    • Third (tertiary) intention
  5. Compare and contrast the stages of skin breakdown.
    • Stage I
    • Stage II
    • Stage III
    • Stage IV
  6. Compare and contrast the purposes and types of wound dressings.       
  7. Use scientific principles to select appropriate wound dressings identifying appropriate rationales:
    a. Based on the red, yellow and black wound classification.

    b. For vascular ulcers.
  8. Demonstrate standard precautions and isolation techniques while performing wound care for a surgical client.
    - Apply principles of infection control
    - Sterile techniques
       - Demonstrate the ability to create and maintain a sterile field
       - Demonstrate the ability to don sterile gloves
       - Open a sterile pack in the correct sequence
       - Pour liquid onto a sterile field
       - Add sterile items to a sterile field
       - Remove items froma sterile field
       - Differentiate between sterile and non-sterile items
  9. Demonstrate wound irrigation, packing, and dressing change.
  10. Document assessment findings related to wound care.

Learning Activities:

Review module objectives.



  • Smith, S., Duell, D., Martin, B. (2008). Clinical Nursing Skills. (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ. Prentice Hall. pp.874-882, 895-935


Nursing Skills Videos:

  • Wet to moist dressing with irrigation
  • Dry dressing and penrose drain


Complete the following exercises:


Review module objectives and check for knowledge gaps.

Complete module quiz.