RNSG 1170 - Nursing Process

Module 3: Nursing Diagnosis Phase


Module Objectives: 

Using critical thinking and a problem solving approach, the student will:
  1. Define the term nursing diagnosis.

  2. Compare medical and nursing diagnoses.

  3. Identify the benefits of using nursing diagnoses to label a client's problem.

  4. Identify the NANDA stems used for nursing diagnoses.

  5. Identify related factors and defining characteristics for NANDA diagnostic labels.

  6. Describe the PES format for writing a nursing diagnosis.

  7. Describe the characteristics of a correct nursing diagnosis.

  8. Identify the types of diagnostic concepts including actual, risk and wellness.

  9. List common errors in writing diagnostic statement.

  10. Develop nursing diagnoses, using the correct format, for selected clients.

Learning Activities: 

Review module objectives.


  • Doenges, M., Moorehouse, M., & Burley, J. (2003). Application of nursing process and nursing diagnosis, (4th ed.) Philadelphia: F.A. Davis, pp. 35-68.

Complete Module 3 Assignment.

Review module objectives and check for knowledge gaps.