ACC helps Austin Area High-School Students of German Celebrate Their Excellence

April 28, 2013: Top German students from Austin-area public and private schools celebrated their high scores on this year's National German Exam. The Awards Ceremony was sponsored by the Arts and Humanities Division of the Austin Community College.

ACC German students volunteered to help with some ice breakers during the ceremony. ACC's Eddie Martinez teams up with Westlake's Cade Ritter to produce a flawless tongue twister, after only a few minutes of practice.

The National German Exam was created 53 years ago by the American Association of Teachers of German to help measure the success of German programs in the nation. Nationwide 22,000 students compete each year for a four-week study trip to Germany, awarded to those who place in the top 10% and successfully complete a round of applications and interviews.

This year's Awards Ceremony, generously sponsored by ACC, took place at the South Austin Campus. Several schools were represented: Westwood and Westlake high schools came in with the highest number of top scoring students, Austin Waldorf School was the only area private school to earn national honors, Grisham IB Middle School had the youngest winners, and Connally High School boasted this year's study trip area nominee, Travis Ulbrich.

With approximately 50 students and parents in attendance, the ice breakers came in handy. All German speakers were put to work searching for their mystery “triplet” and then the “triplet teams” practiced a German tongue-twister and performed it for all gathered.

Connally High School's Sophia Hernandez puts on a winning smile as she receives her certificate from South TX AATG President and Testing Chair Dr. Ewa Siwak.

Dr. Siwak lead the game that included German “Zungenbrechers” or tongue twisters, which are literally called tongue breakers in German! See if you can pronounce these!

Schnecken erschrecken, wenn Schnecken an Schnecken schlecken, weil zum Schrecken vieler Schnecken, Schnecken nicht schmecken.

Fischers frisch frisierter Fritze frißt frisch frittierte Frisch-Fisch-Frikadellen. In Ulm und um Ulm und um Ulm herum.

Two German professors from Austin Community College, Dr. Tim Altanero and Dr. Ewa Siwak, chaired the ceremony, with Arts and Humanities Dean Lyman Grant representing the College. Following a round of games and refreshments, Dr. Siwak, who is also the President and Testing Chair of the local chapter of AATG, presented certificates and awards.

The largest German “team” in attendance this year were Herr Gardner's students from Westlake High School.