Dance Department Attends American College Dance Festival

By Anne Wharton

Dancers backstage for Roxy Gage's Missed Interpretations: Jack Dunlap II, LaTiya Smith, Deanna Noriega, David Voss, Laura Tenney, Amelia Leidy, Anne Wharton, Sarah Wingfield, Alyssa Canvas, Megan Thomas, Maggi Anderson, Joy Allen, and Heather Bullock-Porter.

The ACC Dance Department presented faculty and student work for adjudication at the American College Dance Festival hosted at UT Austin over Spring Break. An additional student piece was presented in the festival's informal concert. ACDFA provided a great opportunity for ACC dancers to participate in master classes taught by renowned instructors from different colleges and to receive feedback on adjudicated performances.

The dancers were selected by audition during the fall semester and have been preparing for the festival throughout the spring semester. Thirteen dancers performed in the faculty work, Missed Interpretation choreographed by Roxy Gage. Five students performed in the student piece, Unwritten Masks choreographed by Lindsey Gerson. And one student performed in the informal concert, Limbo's Lost choreographed by Roman Morgan.

Although the concerts were only open to conference attendees, the faculty piece will be performed again on April 12th at 3:00 at the Austin Dance Fest at Café Dance, which is open to the public. A re-staged version of the faculty piece will also be shown at the Spring Choreographers' Showcase at Rio Grande on May 2nd and 3rd.

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