ACC Art in the Capitol

By Anne Wharton

Representative Naishtat with ACC Professor Suescum and ACC Art student Jeffrey Moore. Photo by T.J. Hilton.

Every holiday season, Texas House Members choose ornaments that represent their district to decorate the Capital House Christmas tree. This year, Representative Elliott Naishtat chose an ACC student to create an ornament that represented Austin.

Art professor Victoria Suescum knew exactly which student to pick for the project. "I selected Jeffrey Moore because I had worked with him before in two other classes here at ACC and knew him to be a talented, responsible student who could represent ACC in its best light," Suescum said.

Moore took inspiration from his Design class with Suescum to recreate an ornament based on visually representing a musical composition. "The beauty of this project is that it exemplifies the interaction that takes place between faculty - the collegiality which allows an exchange of ideas for projects to metamorphose and grow," Suescum said.

Jeffrey Moore with his handmade ornament representing Austin. Photo by T.J. Hilton.

The project brought faculty together but also connected the design to the rich musical culture of Austin. Literally representing the 49th district with a gold 49, Moore also figuratively represented the Live Music Capital. Choosing a Texas band, Moore used their score to influence the ribbons of purple and gold color wrapping through his glass ornament. Moore's vibrant art is now on display on the Texas Capital House Christmas Tree through January 3, 2016.

Professor Suescum couldn't be more excited to see her student's work in the Capital, "Individual faculty members, the dynamics of the art department and personal drive came together in one student to produce a work of beauty which links two large institutions: ACC and the Texas Legislature."