Adapting to Serve Students

By Anne Wharton

Students at Austin Community College aren't the only ones learning and growing. Professor Patty Hatcher represents another side of the college - professors learning and growing to help students.

Hatcher was awarded the Lilly Conference Scholarship to attend the Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching and Learning in Austin this year. Looking towards the conference to learn about innovations that can be brought back to her department, she has a vision for professors to evolve with students.

“I want to add to the growth of my department; not just educating students but helping them express what they learned. I want them to surprise themselves, to know that their opinion matters,” Hatcher said. She believes in educating the “world citizens” of tomorrow. And to reach these future citizens, she believes teachers need to adapt to changing communities.

Just like her students, Hatcher also has homework as she continues her education. Keep an eye open for her upcoming blog as well as an over-arching project tying her experience at the conference to innovations at Austin Community College.