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Registration: Questions & Answers

Applying to ACC

Must I take classes at the campus where I submitted my documents?

No. You can attend classes at any ACC location. If you have a disability, you should seek disability services from the primary campus you attend.

How many credits must I take?

There is no minimum number of classes or credits required. If you obtain financial aid, you must enroll in at least 6 credits per semester.

How many hours do I have to enroll in to be full time?

Full-time status is at least 12 credits in fall and spring semesters. In summer, full time is considered at least 6 credits in a 5½ week session.

I am a former student. Do I need to re-apply?

You can return to ACC at any time by completing a few steps. You do not need to resubmit the admissions application.

Registering for classes

When do first-time college students register?

If you're a first-time college student enrolling at ACC, you can register for classes during open registration periods. If you're already registered, you also may add or drop classes during schedule change (add/drop) periods. 

Can I register for a class that's open but attend a class that's closed?

You can attend a class only if you are enrolled in it. However, you may be able to add your name to a waitlist for your preferred class.

How do I know at which ACC campus/room my class will meet?

Each course schedule listing provides the time, date, campus abbreviation, and room location, among other information.

Can my class start five minutes before my other class ends?

The registration system does not allow classes to overlap.

How do I register to audit courses?

To audit a class, you must be enrolled at ACC and eligible to register. Follow the class audit registration instructions

Can I audit a course in which I am enrolled?

No. You cannot convert your enrollment in a class to audit status.

Can I take the yoga class again?

Yes. Most activity courses are exempt from the “third attempt” policy for students repeating some classes for the third time. See the college catalog for information on repeat courses.

My class was canceled. How can I find out if it's offered at another time?

Check the course schedule for other sections of the same course. You can register immediately if there are open seats in another course section, or you can try to add the class during the schedule change period when other students add and drop classes.

Registration technical issues

Why can't I register?

The following reasons prevent students from registering:

Unable to Register? Check These Reasons
Incomplete enrollment Be sure to complete the advising step in the ACC enrollment process.
Eligibility date has not arrived Check your registration eligibility date to see when you can access the online registration system.
Student hold Clear any student holds.
System downtime Check registration system downtimes.

When I register, what term should I select?

From the dropdown menu, select the term ending in:

  • F000 – Fall semester
  • S000 – Spring semester
  • U000 – Summer semester

Why does the registration system say I have a restriction on my record?

A restriction, or student hold, prevents you from registering or receiving other ACC services because of an incomplete requirement or financial obligation. After you take steps to clear the hold, allow one business day for the hold to be removed from the registration system.

The system tells me the class is full or unavailable for this registration period.

Classes fill on a first-come, first-served basis; however, seats often open up later in the registration period. You can join a waitlist your preferred class and/or register for a different class.

Why does the system say I must register first for a developmental course?

The registration system directs you to developmental classes based on your TSI status.

How do I make changes to my class schedule?

Once you register, you can return to Online Services and change your schedule at any time during open registration and schedule change periods.

When are course schedules available for upcoming semesters?

You can view the course schedule for upcoming semesters; however, changes may occur throughout the registration period.

How do I know if my class is canceled?

Class cancellations occur a few days before the semester or session begins. Check ACCmail for a class cancellation notice or see the course schedule, which will have a link to canceled classes.

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