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Choose Classes

Choosing classes takes planning. Use ACC’s schedule planning worksheet (PDF) and follow these tips to create your schedule.

Review the online course schedule

The course schedule includes the course description, class times, locations, available seats, and any necessary prerequisite courses. Learn how to read the online course schedule.

Check course prerequisites

Some classes require assessment tests, specific skills, or lower-level courses that must be completed before you enroll. If a course has a prerequisite(s) or other requirements, they appear at the end of the course description. If you register for a class with prerequisites, you will need to bring proof you have taken the prerequisite course(s) on the first day of class.

Follow your university degree plan if you plan to transfer

If you plan to transfer to a four-year university, follow the degree plan for that university. Contact the university now for advice about courses that will transfer toward your degree. Both ACC and four-year universities have transfer guides to show you which ACC courses can be applied for university credit, and which university courses can allow you to earn an associate degree through reverse transfer.

Consider times and locations

Note where classes are held to make sure you can get to your classes on time, especially if they are scheduled back-to-back. See locations.

Schedule wisely

Use these guidelines to plan a class schedule that works for you. A courseload is based on a 16-week semester. Shorter sessions require more concentrated workloads.

Suggested Courseloads
How Many Hours You Work at a JobSuggested CreditsApproximate Hours of StudyTotal Work & Study Hours
0–15 Up to 16 credits 32 hours 48–63 hours per week
16–20 Up to 12 credits 24 hours 52–56 hours per week
21–30 Up to 9 credits 18 hours 48–58 hours per week
31–40 Up to 6 credits 12 hours 49–58 hours per week
40 or more Up to 3 credits 6 hours 49+ hours per week

Identify alternate classes

Classes fill on a first-come, first-served basis. Identify a second and third choice class on your schedule planning worksheet (PDF) in case your first choice class is full.

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