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Advisory Board Minutes May 3, 2013

May 3, 2013 Meeting
time: 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Location: Riverside Building C Rm 3115

Members Present:
Bryan Bomer, Ricky Dowden, Mike Speciale

Members Absent
John Overton, Leonard Ramirez, Jim Strickland

Guests Present
Joey Case, Brad Boelter, Ray Lorio, Donnie Thurman, Pam Powell, Elizabeth Dowdey

A quorum was not reached

Item 1:        Call to Order
Presenter:  Chair Bryan Bomer

Item 2:        Capstone Update
Presenter:   Joey Case
Discussion:   The revised Capstone class for the Associates degree is working well and meets the requirement for SACS-mandated outcomes assessment of the students.

Item 3:        Enrollment
Presenter:   Joey Case
Discussion: There has been a decline in enrollment from summer 2012 continuing through summer 2013. Spring saw an 8% drop in school wide enrollment and an expected 4% drop in the summer.  Our department had a 5% drop in enrollment. The group discussed ways to increase enrollment by:

  1. Providing outreach to area High Schools on College showcase days each fall.

  2. Have a former student speak to students about staying in school and finishing the degree before going to work.  This would be timed just before each new semester registration.

  3. Reaching out to Veterans and the possibility of substituting or testing out of classes as Vets have experience from military tours.

No action taken

Item 4:        Sustainability tract
Presenter:  Donnie Thurman
Discussion: Curriculum development for a sustainability tract is ongoing. It would be presented as an Associate degree with a specialty in Sustainability.  There is also a possibility of providing a LEED prep class without prerequisites.

Item 5:        New Business
Presenter:  Pam Powell
Discussion: Discussion How do we help students after graduation?  Bryan suggested a facebook page with limited access to include info about jobs being offered or jobs held by former students.

Speaker Mike Speciale reported that Demolec a foam installation company was interested in working with ACC.

Open discussion on adding board members from the industry to include an architect and representation from light commercial.  

Action taken - All agreed to send potential member contact info to Pam


There being no further business, Bryan Bomer adjourned the meeting at 10:25 AM




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