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Advisory Board Minutes

October 30, 2009 Meeting

  1. The meeting was called to order. BCT Department Chair Warren Heatwole asked industry members if they would like to be an officer in the Advisory board. A Chair and Vice Chair were chosen.
  2. Crockett instructor Jim Strickland reported that the new high school Construction Technology program is going well. It is the only high school construction pro9gram in AISD; there are 50 students in two classes. There is much support within the district for this program.
  3. Currently the majority of BCT lab classes are at Riverside campus and all classes (lab and lecture) fill up quickly. BCT will be part of the new Round Rock campus and will be hiring people with industry experience who can teach.
  4. Issue 1: Proposal to convert OSHT 1405 (OSHA Regulations, Construction Industry) from 16 weeks/4 credit hours/80 contact hours to 8 weeks/3 credit hours/40 contact hours. The Advisory Board supports this. Reasons for the change:
    • Eight weeks is sufficient instruction time for students to get the OSHA certificate and CPR card. Much of the lab safety information is covered in other lab classes.
    • Many students - including some outside BCT - have asked for or attended CNBT 1391 Construction Business Management course, which instructs student in how to run a construction business. This is an 8 week Special Topics class. If the OSHA course is reduced to 8 weeks, the Construction Business Management course could follow it. The Construction Business Management course number will convert from 1391 to 1371; and eventually BCT will ask the Coordinating Board for a real course number.
  5. Issue 2: condense CNBT 2342 - 2344 - 2346, Construction Management I/II/III to two classes (2442/2444) and update the curriculum. Currently there are 6 books which are not current and are often no available until the semester has started; this is a serious issue as many students want to study before the first class. Some instructors and board members will research other curriculum options and report at the January meeting. The Board approved the research step.
  6. Issue 3: create a blueprint reading class specific to Woodworking Certificate students. Currently the blueprint reading class covers general construction topics (foundations, plumbing, electrical) which are not relevant to woodworking certificate seekers and does not go into details on areas relevant to their area of study. The WDWK Print Reading would include topics unique to woodworking and would not affect the current CNBT 1400 Blueprint Reading. Advisory Board approved this.
  7. The meeting was adjourned.




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