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Department Chair's Corner - BAAS in Sustainable Building

Interested in a Bachelor of Arts and Applied Science in Sustainable Building? SFASU Advisor at Building Construction November 17, 2010

Thinking about a Bachelor's Degree in the construction field, particularly in the Sustainable Building area? Wondering if you can start at ACC and then transfer most of your college credits towards a Bachelor's Degree?

Dr. Steven Cooper, Director of the Stephen F Austin State University's Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree, will be at ACC on November 17, 2010 to talk about their degree plan, explain how up to 60 credit hours of ACC college credits can transfer towards the BAAS degree and answer students' questions. Meet with him on November 17 at


Interested in a Bachelor of Arts and Applied Science in Sustainable Building? SFASU Advisor at Building Construction August 11, 2010Stephen F State University logo

Overview of the degree


Hello to all. I hope you are all safe and somewhat cool this summer. The latest news is that Dr. Steven Cooper, SFASU BAAS Director, will be here on August 11 from noon till 8:00 PM. Interested students and members of the communities that ACC serves are welcome to get some advice and direction from Dr. Cooper.

The August 11 schedule:

  • From 6:00 PM till 8:00 drop ins and groups are welcome.
  • Noon to 6:00 PM is for scheduled advising sessions with individual students. If you want to meet with Dr. Cooper individually, please contact him to arrange a time - his contact information is below. Be sure to include your transcript(s) when you contact him to set up the meeting time (see below for directions on getting your ACC transcript). This way he can evaluate it and give you the best recommendations on the sequence of courses that you need to take to obtain the BAAS degree in Sustainable Building.

Dr. Cooper's contact information:

  • email: - if you email him, please copy me,
  • address: PO Box 13033, SFA Station, Nacogdoches, Texas 75962-3033
  • phone: (936) 468-6066
  • fax: (936) 468-2190

How to get your transcript?

  1. go to Online Services and log on
  2. choose Current Students
  3. choose Unofficial Transcript
  4. if emailing, copy and paste it into a Word document and attach it to your email
    If mailing or faxing, print it.


Interested in a Bachelor of Arts and Applied Science in Sustainable Building?
Consider Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas

If you are reading this, then you may be interested in pursuing a degree that has implications beyond our current collective knowledge. Will you take a “leap of faith?” or not. Do YOU believe that a BAAS will qualify you for opportunities to build sustainable communities in the near future?

Austin Community College and Stephen F. Austin State University have signed, sealed, and delivered an agreement that allows ACC students to transfer 66 credit hours, taken as ACC students to satisfy requirements towards a 123 credit hour BAAS.

The agreement allows students to transfer 40 Building Construction Technology credit hours and 26 hours from the academic core. The academic core is already spelled out in the ACC College Catalog. (For details on which ACC classes are equivalent to specific SFASU classes, check the Course Equivalency Guide.)The BCT faculty will develop the list and sequence of courses that may be specific to each individual student who enrolls in our program.

Most or all SFASU courses may be taken in Austin or on line (no need to travel to SFASU.

Drs. Steven Cooper and Brian Murphy from SFASU are the key players in the transition that is being developed for an easy transfer from ACC to SFASU. Dr. Cooper and I will meet in late July to discuss progress on a BAAS track (a sequence of courses) that will direct students towards the Bachelor’s degree. ACC/BCT will still offer the current AAS in Construction Management as a “lead in” degree for the BAAS,  or as a track that will lead the students to entry level site management jobs.

Students who have already graduated should contact me or Dr. Steven Cooper at 936-468-6066. His email address is  Current students who commit to the BAAS should seek advising from ACC faculty or Dr. Cooper as soon as possible. You might want to schedule a face to face meeting with Dr. Cooper when he comes to Austin in July.

The first group of 20 students that commit to cohorting (students will stay together as a group and take a sequence of courses for several semesters) will begin the program. We’d like to start this in the Fall of 2010. 

 I will update this information as we get further down the road.
As always — Be safe in all things. 

June, 2010

Stephen F Austin State University College of Liberal & Applied Arts Dean, Assistant Dean, ACC President, Interim Vice President, Building Construction faculty and students after signing the agreement.

A Building Construction student gives Dr. Steve Cooper, SFASU BAAS Director
a cutting board made in the Building Construction wood shop



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