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CNBT 1413 Concrete I piers and footings photos

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This class poured piers for a new place for the Conventional Wall Systems class to frame a one bedroom efficiency building. They also poured footings; the Conventional Roof Systems class built a short frame on this and during the semester built a roof.

Students work with forms for round and square piers
Once the concrete is poured and sets, the forms are removed
Both the round and square piers have PVC tubes inserted, which the Conventional Wall Systems students will use to anchor the girders to the piers.
student removing excess rebar from square pier
And soon the Conventional Wall Systems class installs girders on the piers the Concrete class built.
piers with wooden girders

Before they can build the footings for the new Conventional Roofing Systems area, students must first demolish a concrete bench that was built years earlier by another class.
Students begin by using a jackhammer to break apart the concrete...
...then they cut the embedded rebar and remove all the pieces.
Students then build forms for concrete footings
For larger jobs, concrete is delivered...
...students place the concrete in the forms... "" and finish them
concrete footings in forms
Then on those footings a Conventional Roofing Systems class builds a short frame, upon which they will build their roof.


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