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CNBT 1413 Concrete I photos - building a slab

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This class built a slab behind the Automotive building

Students build the forms and add the plastic sheeting and rebar
The rebar rods are tied together and a rock "chair" keeps the rebar off the ground and inside the concrete

The long sides have footers dug for additional concrete for more stability
When the concrete truck's chute can't reach the destination, it loads concrete into a pump machine which has a long hose...
"" that students can easily pour the concrete onto the slab.
While some students finish pumping the concrete, others level the top with a wooden screed board...

... another uses a bull float to force down the aggregate (rocks) and bring the cream (gravel-free) concrete to the top...

...and other students use a hand-held float to smooth the top.
The slab is finished and curing (drying)...
...and then the building is placed on it.



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