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CNBT 1413 Concrete I - first class at Round Rock Campus

Multiple classes projects photos | Building piers and footings photos | Building a slab

The first Concrete class at Round Rock began by building a small form, mixing concrete and placing it in that form. Once it cured, the Methods and Materials class used it as a base for the framing section of their class.

Using the knowledge they gained from their first project, the concrete students then built the footers and stem walls which the Conventional Wall Systems class will use as the base when they frame their building.

After building a frame for the footer...
students batch concrete...

...pour it into the frame and settle the aggregate.
Another class used the footer to build a frame and practice applying stucco.
Next the concrete class built the footers and walls for the Spring Conventional Wall Systems class to use as a base for their building.

The original area in September
Students get experience using a bobcat to dig the trenches for the footers
They add the base frame for the footer form and use the story pole and builder's level to verify it is level

They cut and tie the rebar that will be positioned inside the footings.
After installing the footer's forms which will shape the concrete, students add the rebar, including the vertical pieces for the walls.
Students place the concrete for the footer...
...then level it by screeding...

...and get practice adding control joints
Students build the forms for the stem walls
2 students working on 4x8 foot plywood wall forms
...and install them on the footings and around the wall rebar
They add the rest of the rebar and snap ties...

...on top of the cured footings
four foot plywood walls with supports, ready for concrete
The instructor closes lid on the inspection cover which is left open for a pre-pour inspection.
Students place the concrete in the walls using a pump truck and hose...
closeup of placing concrete with a hose
...and use a vibrator to settle the aggregate.
After all the concrete is placed, students screed the top to level it...

...and float the top to finish it
When the concrete has been finished, students add j-bolts to anchor the bottom plate of the building frame to the wall.

The walls are done and curing...
...and finally the forms are removed to reveal the completed walls.
both finished walls



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