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CNBT 1415 Conventional Wall Systems raising walls photos

Photos of building new pier and beam supports | Photos of building joists, floor and wall frames

Raising the walls is a team effort
raising wall frame
As the walls are added, they are braced temporarily to keep them in place
The second top plate is added, which provides more strength and stability. The second top plate of an intersecting wall overlaps the intersected wall and is nailed to it.

The instructor demonstrates how to connect adjacent walls.
Once all the walls are in place and confirmed to be square, diagonal braces are added to help keep them stable.
The braces must be cut into the studs so the tops are level. Otherwise it will cause problems when siding is added.

After all walls are anchored in place, the prebuilt roof trusses are added. They are marked (red) so they can be installed in the correct order

Once the trusses are loaded and set up, the instructor demonstrates how to check their alignment with a string line along the apex. The temporary long board is to keep the trusses spaced at 24" OC (on center).


Students add boards by the ridge (roof peak)
working on trusses
..and lay out step sheathing (strips of 1 x 4 lumber) to support the metal roof which the Conventional Exterior Finish class will add on this building.
Students sit on the rafters to add the porch overhang

...and also check the length
Some students use a scaffold outside the frame to work on trusses...
working on trusses from scaffold
...while others stand on the trusses to add the barge (end) rafters.
working on edge of truss
And some work from scaffolding inside the building.

All sections of the bottom plate in doorways must be sawed off and removed.

Time permitting, students add deadwood, pieces of 2x4 or 2x6 lumber that extend past the top plates. Ceiling sheet rock will be attached to deadwood at the perimeter of the rooms.

Finally the frame is finished. The building may be sold at auction or kept as the lab for the Conventional Exterior Finish class.




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