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BCT Linkedin Discussion Group connects students and employers

Many current and former BCT students are looking for jobs in the constructions industry, and local employers are looking for knowledgeable, skilled workers, including graduates of the Building Construction Technology degree and certificate programs.

To help students and employers connect, there is now a Building Construction Technology of Austin Community College Linkedin discussion group. And when employers call the instructors with job openings, the instructors will post the details on the new discussion group. Everyone who joins the group can be emailed about new job discussions.

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Getting started tips

What is Linkedin?

Linkedin ( is a professional social networking site. Individuals can create a free (or for more features, paid) profile that has the resume information. This can include

  • work history
  • education
  • skills and expertise
  • honors and awards
  • personal information

By adding your work and education information, Linkedin can personalize the jobs and more that you see.

Link to people

Find people you know and connect (link): to them. Linkedin will suggest people it thinks you know or you can search for them, then send them an invite to connect.

Tip: only connect to people you know. Some people (such as sales and social media professionals) will ink to everyone, including people they do not know. Start with only people you know and are willing to list as one of your connections. You can set your privacy settings so that only your contacts can see certain details, such as your photo.

Search jobs

Many jobs and job leads are on Linkedin. You may find jobs through your connections. If you learn of someone at a company that has a job and one of your Linkedin connections knows that person, you can ask your connection for an introduction to that person and company - a way to get more information and possibly an interview!

Join discussion groups

Linkedin has thousands of discussion groups, including many for construction and woodworking topics. Join groups and learn, participate and become known.

  • You can join up to 50 discussion groups. In each group, you can choose whether or not to receive emails of discussions.
  • You can be in a discussion group and not be "connected" (linked) to any other member of that group. There is NO relationship between connecting to individuals and joining discussion groups. People with whom you are connected may be in some of your groups... if they chose to join the same groups.
  • Once you've joined a group, you can see the other members by clicking on the Members link inside that group. If any other members are in your Network of Contacts (menu Network > Contacts), they are displayed at the top of the list of members.

Building Construction Technology of Austin Community College group

Join our group: search for Building Construction Technology of Austin Community College. This is a closed group, limited to current and former BCT students, BCT faculty/staff and relevant employers. Click the Join link and send a request via Linkedin to the BCT's owner and managers - include your relationship to BCT. One of the BCT faculty will review and approve or deny your request.

We suggest posting job announcements in the discussion area; the Jobs area is for formal job postings and requires a fee.

Getting started

Create your profile

Go to and create a new free account (no need for the paid version). Your email address is your login.

Once you create your account, Linkedin will email you a confirmation request; follow the directions to confirm your account.

Note: Linkedin will (repeatedly) ask you for your email address and its password so it can import your address book. If you do that, all contacts in the imported list are selected so you can send an invitation asking them to join your network. If you only wish to add specific contacts, do NOT import your contacts; click Network > Add Connections to invite people you know and wish to add to your first-level contacts.

Find the Building Construction Technology of Austin Community College group

Once your account is created and confirmed, search for the BCT discussion group. In the Search box, type Building Construction Technology Austin. The easy way is to

  1. click on Interests > Groups to display the Groups area
  2. type Building Construction Technology Austin in the search box; the group should display.
  3. click the Join button; the groups managers will be notified of your request. Assuming they approve your request to join the group, you will be emailed when they do approve it.
  4. Once approved, log into Linkedin and select Interests > Groups; the BCT group should display.

Linkedin Help information

Help center home page

How Linkedin imports and uses your contacts

Control who can see your contacts

Privacy and safety information

Finding and joining a group








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