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CNBT 1402 Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Systems - plumbing photos

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For the plumbing, students run Pex (polyethylene) tubing through the building. Blue Pex is for cold water, red is for hot water. Separate lines are run from the main trunk to the various water outlets (kitchen, bath and water heater). The only time copper is used is where the plumbing and fixtures connect.

Students drill holes through the top plates for the Pex water lines...
...then they thread the Pex through the holes...

...and anchor it to the studs
The trunk line needs a reduction joint when it changes to a smaller branch line.

The separate lines must be securely joined to prevent leaks.

Some lines need "T" connectors added overhead for branch lines.

Finally, the Pex is connected to the copper nipples and...
...the plumbing work is completed! The buyer will install fixtures and connect the copper to the fixtures.



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