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CNBT 1411 Construction Methods & Materials Photos
Building layout photos
Students learn to use a variety of power tools, such as:
Power drill
Skill saw
Chop saw
Radial arm saw
Table saw
Closeup of the router on a router table
closeup of router with a block of wood
Band saw
Students practice using a Ramset "gun" to shoot a nail into wood and concrete (used to help secure the frame of a house to the concrete foundation)
To gain experience with concrete and woodworking, this class built tables with a concrete top and a wooden base. This and other projects introduce the students to a variety of power tools.
Using the jointer to remove uneveness from the table legs
Assembling table base
studentsassembling table's base
Staining table's wooden base
student staining the wooden base of a concrete-top table
Concrete table is done!
student kneeling by her concrete side table
For the concrete unit, this class created a steppingstone. Each student built a wooden form to shape and hold the concrete until it cured (hardened).
Adding concrete to a form
adding concrete to wooden form
Screeding concrete (making the top flat and even)
screeding concrete
Trowling concrete - first step to to smoothing the top of the concrete.
The final step is to use an edging tool to create a clean edge.
2 students finishing concrete
More woodworking:: Cutting wood for a set of steps
student using rotary saw to cut 2 by 6 wood for stairs tread
Marking where risers (side boards holding steps) are to be cut
students using a framing square to mark where the 2 by 10 riser boards will be cut for the steps
Cutting risers for tread (steps)
students using skill saw to cut the riser
Connecting risers
Back vertical braces are added...and the risers are even and stable!

Connecting the bottom brace
Finishing the supports
student adding the final supports to the steps
Rounding the corners of the tread with a router
students using power router to round edges of steps
Step after being routed
closeup of step after routing with curved edges
Students get more carpentry experience by building a toolbox...
using a band saw to cut out the ends of a tool box,
using a router to make the toolbox handle round
student using a router
Sanding the toolbox
Finished tool box - ready to take home!


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