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CNBT 1411 Construction Methods & Materials - Building Layout Photos

Woodworking/concrete projects photos

Before constructing a building, there must be a site Investigation, which among other things determines the high and low points of the site. Students learn how to use a builders level, transit level and laser level with a story pole to determine the relative elevation of various parts of the site. Students initially practice using builders levels and transit levels to read a story pole. They set up the builders or transit levels and story poles at various locations around the campus and determine the location with the highest elevation.

Students then use these site investigation skills to determine the estimated and exact corners of a large building. At the Riverside campus these exercises are conducted on the adjacent golf course.

The Basic Steps to Building Layout (PDF) describes the steps that these photos illustrate.

Builder's level
photo of builder's transit
Story pole used in surveying a site
During one class period, students learn how to use a builders' level and read a story pole and determine the highest elevation of several sites on the golf course and around campus.
Using builder's level to determine elevation of site by checking the story pole measurement
Student holding story pole for site measurement""
In preparation for the next class, students use a skill saw to cut stakes to use when marking the building's corners during site layout
students cutting batter boards 2 students cutting 2 by 4 lumber with a skill saw
The next class begins by setting up the laser levels and finding the initial corner of the building. Then students find the exact corners of the building...and verify the corners are square (four 90 degree angles)
A student adjusts the laser level
The laser detector is attached to the story pole
Two long tape measures are used to "double chain" the locations of the corners
student and instructor crossing ends of 2 tape measures
Outside the corner, students drive 3 stakes into the ground
student pounding a stake into the ground
They mark the height of the top of the foundation on the stake...

and add ledger boards at that height
Confirm the ledger boards are at the correct height
Attach a string line, to be used to find the exact corners.
Find and mark the exact corner on the string
Repeat for all 4 corners
photo showing 2 corners




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