PHYS 1405 Spring 2009

Text: Conceptual Physics 10th ed., by Paul Hewitt

The materials below are posted for reference and are not a complete set of class notes. All material is subject to change in class and will not be reposted here.

1405 Lectures 1405 Activities 1405 Labs
Ch. 1 02a in class spring activity Springs
Ch. 2 02b Net Force powerpoint Weight
Ch. 3 pc vector forces Walk the Plank
Ch. 4 pc motorcyclist Sonic Ranger
Sample Questions graphing motion Acceleration Down an Incline
  03b using d = 1/2at2 Force before Cart
  03c matching motion  
  04a adding forces  
  04b force diagramming  
Ch.5 Newton's 3rd Law Tension Activity - Vector Forces Friction
Ch.6 Momentum Collision Animations Momentum
Learning Objectives Air Track Demonstration  
Sample Questions Block on Cart Simulation  
  Two Dimensional Collisions  
  Bouncing Motion Demonstration  
Ch.7 Energy PHET Projectile Motion Work and Energy
Ch.9 Gravity Range vs Height Activity Uphill Climb
Ch.10 Projectile & Satellite Motion Scaling in Biology 11 Projectile Motion
Ch.12 Solids Speed of Hail 12 Elasticity
Ch.13 Liquids Ball Drop, Large vs. Small 13 Bending
  Weight of finger in water 14 Archimedes' Principle
  Weight of floating object  
  Volume of water displaced by golf ball, Golf Ball Density  
  Surface tension, pepper on water  
Ch.14 Gases Bernoulli - paper, cans Boyle's Law
Ch.15 Temperature, Heat, Expansion Reduced pressure on balloon Specific Heat
Ch.16 Heat Transfer Radiation Cans  
Ch.17 Phase Changes Warming by Freezing  
Ch.19 Vibrations & Waves Melting Trays Simple Harmonic Motion
Ch.20-21 Sound and Music Resonance: tuning forks, speaker driven, Chilandi Plates Waves
  Wave Pulses  
Final Exam Topics Anlaysis of Sounds