Atoms, Molecules and Bonds

Choose the best answer.

  1. The atom below has ________ neutrons.
  2. In a molecule of oxygen gas (O2), the two oxygen atoms are held together by a
  3. The atomic number of phosphorus is 15. Therefore, a phosphorus atom has ________ valence electrons.
  4. An ionic bond would form between
  5. Which of the following subatomic particles are positively charged?
  6. A(n) ________ bond is formed when two atoms share ________ electron(s).
  7. The atom below has ________ protons.
  8. A(n) ________ bond is formed when an atom donates ________ electron(s) to another atom.
  9. A covalent bond would form between
  10. In an ammonia molecule (NH3), the nitrogen atom shares a pair of electrons with either hydrogen atom. However, the electron sharing is not completely equal. This type of bond is called a